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Safety on Cruises, Pickpocketing, Theft and more August 24 2014, 1 Comment

Travelling is a time of carefree joy and pleasure, but with the rise in pickpocketing you always have to keep your guard up. Cruises are one of the fastest and most convenient form of travel, but tourists on these ships are prime targets of pickpocketing. Most people assume that being on vacation means you are exempt from crime, but the opposite is actually true. Simply being a cruising tourist makes you a target. 

Pickpocketing is Everywhere

The thing to remember is that pickpocketing is really not limited to just certain parts of the world. Even though Barcelona is one of the main pickpocketing areas, you still have to be on the lookout in North America and in Europe. In Barcelona 1 in 4 tourists will be pickpocketed, while this number is not as high in other areas of the world it is rising. Pickpocketing is becoming the major risk of tourists venturing on cruise ships.


Can it Be Avoided?

When it comes to pickpocketing, it is essential that you know how to protect yourself from petty theft. Most petty theft is not fully covered under normal travelers insurance policies, which means that you will be out all cash and valuables that are stolen from you. Pickpocketing is a crime that takes skill and you likely won’t really know when you are at risk of theft. However, there are a few things that you can do to lessen the risk of pickpocketing during your cruise vacation.

Don’t Be Flashy

If you want to avoid being a target of pickpocketing, it is essential that you maintain a low profile. This means that you should not flaunt what you have and try to blend in without sticking out like a tourist. Blending into your surroundings will keep you from becoming a target and will help you to avoid petty theft.

Plan In Advance

It is always a great idea to book hotels in advance depending on the cities that you are porting in. You can choose locations that are safer, which will minimize your risk of theft. It is also a good idea to not go out at night and stay close to the cruise ship whenever you port. Venturing too far out will only make you more of a target in foreign locations.


High Risk Pickpocketing Areas: Where Are You Most Vulnerable? August 13 2014, 1 Comment

Description: Tourist attractions, transportation hubs and streets of major travel destinations are hotbeds for pickpockets. cl

If you haven’t already, conduct an Internet search for the 10 worst cities for pickpockets in the world. It’s no surprise to see Barcelona at the top of the list, followed by Prague, Rome and Paris. Theft statistics confirm what you’ve probably learned from the news headlines and own personal experience: tourist destinations are a hotbed for pickpockets.

Researching theft statistics and identifying which cities are at a high risk for pickpockets is the easy part. What’s difficult is to discern where exactly within the city pickpockets are likely to strike and steps to take to guarantee prevention of theft.

  1. Tourist Attractions - Let’s start with the most obvious, tourist attractions. Whether it’s the Eiffel Tower, the Picasso Museum or even the Vatican, a large crowd of tourists is the best place for pickpockets to get to work. As theft statistics show, no destination is sacred when it comes to the potential for being pickpocketed.

  1. Transportation Hubs - Another common venue for pickpocketing is a train station or other major public transportation hub. With so many people moving through the station, thieves can remain undetected and wait for the ideal time to make their move. Pay particular attention at stops along the way as often pickpockets will exit quickly after stealing a wallet from a back pocket.

  1. On the Street - Unfortunately, one of the favorite places of pickpockets is hard to identify exactly because it is on the streets. A secluded street is much safer than a busy pedestrian thoroughfare of tourists where pickpockets can easily blend in. It’s a good idea to learn the tricks and techniques of  pickpockets, as they are likely to strike on any street in any city.

Luckily there are travel products that make prevention of theft a breeze, even in the wake of pickpocket theft statistics that show crime is on the rise in many tourist destinations. In order to stay safe in high risk areas, never put your wallet in your back pocket and instead consider a more secure option such as a t-shirt or long johns from Clever Travel Companion.



Safety and Pick Pocketing in Turkey August 02 2014, 0 Comments

Turkey is a destination full of rich and diverse culture that makes exploration more enjoyable. There are so many attractions to see and views to take in. Being in Turkey is unlike any other region in the world and it is no surprise at all that is one of the 10 most popular tourist destinations. However, being a hotbed for tourists also makes Turkey at risk of pick pocketing. Pick pocketing is a type of petty theft that is carried out by the locals on unsuspecting tourists. Before you book your next Turkey getaway, you should become more familiar with the targets and how to stay safe when traveling.

Distractions Serve Pick Pocketing

The reason that the most popular crime in Turkey is pick pocketing deals with the distraction factor. It is no shock that pick pocketers are looking for targets and tourists that are distracted by the sites. When you are taking in the amazing views that surround you, it is easy to become distracted and make a pick pocketer’s job even easier. Turkey is a place of history and legend that can captivate you with ease. However, this distraction is what locals use to make pick pocketing more unrecognizable. 

Crime in Turkey

It is important to note that there is not much violent crime taking place in Turkey that you must be fearful of. Theft is the main crime that you have to be on the lookout for. Pick pocketing is something that is common in Turkey, but Turkey is still not one of the most targeted cities in the world. Turkey is quickly rising up the list, but it is still outside the top 10 cities notorious for pick pocketing. 

Pick Pocketing Safety Tips

Pick pocketing is almost a skill and locals that do this as a profession are incredibly good at it. The distraction tactic is what is used most often and it is designed to keep you from noticing the theft. Having your wallet in your back pocket makes you an easy target, but it is just a good idea to not carry a lot of cash with you. Keep a credit card on hand and check your pockets regularly to ensure that you notice right away in the event that it is stolen. The loss of cash is not covered by most traveler’s insurance policies, so you simply need to exercise caution and keep from being too distracted.