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Why do they drive on the wrong side of the road over there? July 21 2014, 0 Comments

Ever wondered why they drive on the wrong side of the road over there? Well, if you have, here is a short history of Right and Left Side Driving

Throughout history most countries have driven on the left side of the road in accordance with left-side laws kept by each country. In fact, there is evidence of left-side driving as far back as the Roman Empire. The left-side driving rules even extended deep into the Middle Ages in Europe where drivers kept to the left so that they could easily reach for their weapons or extend a friendly hand to any passerby on the other side as needed. So how did some countries begin driving and travelling by the right side of the road?

During the 1700s, in the United States and France, drivers began using the right side of the road for all travel whether by horseback, carts, or any other means. At this time there were no laws for driving right, but both teams were possibly forced to switch driving sides and become right-based due to large wagons that were driven at the time. These wagons were hitched to teams of horses and the driver sat on the back left-hand horse. Some people believe it was easier for drivers to steer their horses if they kept them to the right, while others say that due to the large size of the horse teams and wagons it was easier to see whether or not you were too close to others if they drove on your left side and you stayed on the right.

By the 1800s right-side driving was passed as a law in the United States and up through Canada. At the same time, although France had once again started adopting left-side driving, Napoleon quickly declared laws for right-side driving and spread them in the countries he conquered such as Germany, Italy, and Spain. Countries that were not conquered such as England, Russia, and Portugal chose to stay left-side driving.

After World War I even more countries began making the switch to becoming right-side driving, but countries such as England and India have largely resisted. This is why today most countries throughout the world drive on their right-sides, but there are still some countries that drive on their left-side.


France issues warning about pickpockets during Tour de France July 08 2014, 0 Comments

The Tour de France is a big draw for tourists and travelers of all kinds. Unfortunately, this also means it is a draw for pickpockets. We’ve seen the big numbers of pickpockets that come out with international sporting events in the past, like the 2012 Olympics in London where 1,700 people were pickpocketed every day in the run-up to the Olympics. Every year in Paris alone some 2,000 Americans report their passports lost or stolen, most often due to pickpocketing. When you look at France as a whole (and not just American travelers), there are 797,217 thefts (pickpockets and muggings) in a year.

So, what do the French police advise spectors of the Tour de France and travelers in general to do in order to stay safe? The Essex Watch Liaison Officer, Colin Freeman, advises tourists to “keep valuables in zipped interior pockets of jackets and coats rather than the back pockets of jeans or trousers.” Did you hear that? Monsieur Freeman knows that pickpockets can’t get into those interior pockets, and I’m sure that if he knew about the Clever Travel Companion underwear and shirts with hidden, zippered pockets he would be endorsing them for theft prevention all day long!


The tanks are back in town! July 02 2014, 0 Comments

Our new stock is finally here and we have tanks, tanks, tanks for you! Of course the old style with one pocket in black, white and gray is available. But we also added a new style of tank top with two pockets - one pocket underneath each arm. These pockets are almost completely hidden even when the tank is worn without anything over it! We hope you will like this new style as much as we do!

For you men out there we added a new style of tees - also with two pockets. The tees have a slight v-neck and come in black and gray. The pockets are hidden one under each arme. As always the pockets can carry passports, cash and credit cards perfectly. Of course we also have the old crew neck one pocket and the one pocket v-neck styles.

Safe summer travels everyone!