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Pickpockets in Central and South America August 30 2015, 0 Comments

Pickpockets have been well documented in Brazil, especially in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Events like the World Cup and Carnival create the kind of conditions ripe for pickpockets to ply their trade and make off with your cash, credit cards, cell phone, and passport. Using a money belt to protect yourself isn’t the best solution. Money belts are known to absorb sweat and slip off without the wearer knowing, and in the heat of Central and South America you need something more reliable - especially if you enjoy revelling in the crowds and dancing in the streets. Clever Travel Companion tank tops, t-shirts, and underwear are the perfect solution. Let’s take a look at the pickpocket statistics throughout Central and South America. Brazil isn’t the only place you will find pickpockets!

Top 10 Central and South American Countries Pickpockets Operate In (thefts per year)

  1. Brazil - 1,425,070

  2. Argentina - 284,205

  3. Chile - 191,095

  4. Colombia - 126,490

  5. Uruguay - 93,962

  6. Mexico - 92,657

  7. Peru - 49,477

  8. Paraguay - 44,857

  9. Panama - 20,304

  10. Costa Rica - 14,386

A look at the bigger pickpocket picture August 24 2015, 0 Comments

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about which countries in specific areas have problems with pickpockets and muggings. Let’s round out this picture with a look at our world as a whole. Which countries really top out the list? We’ve looked at the great top ten list given to us by TripAdvisor for the most traveled to cities have the worst problems with pickpockets, but we don’t have any lists that tell us which countries as a whole come out on top. Well let’s correct that. Here is our list of the countries you are most likely to get pickpocketed in, shown in thefts per year. The results may surprise you!

  1. United States of America - 6,150,598

  2. Germany - 1,894,889

  3. Brazil - 1,425,070

  4. United Kingdom (England and Wales only) - 1,318,594

  5. Italy - 1,066,669

  6. Russia - 1,038,566

  7. France - 797,217

  8. Netherlands - 648,015

  9. Japan - 541,008

  10. Canada - 512,230

Who would have thought Canada would have made the list? They are so friendly and generally are quite crime-free! If this had been a top 11 list, Australia would have come in next at 500,552 thefts per year. (That’s pickpockets and muggings, not any other type of theft.) Stay safe out there everyone! Get your Clever Travel Companion gear ready for your travels - as you can see pickpockets are everywhere. Protect yourself and make your next trip a safe and exciting time, free of worries.


CTC travelers: Benjamin's Story July 28 2015, 0 Comments

We received this lovely message from Benjamin. Benjamin seems to be living quite the adventure (we are seriously impressed, wow, talk about living life to the fullest!) and he has some great tips for what to consider when going through security with the Clever Travel Companion’s gear…. Benjamin is also a designer and photographer. Thank you so much Benjamin and safe, happy travels from all of us here at Clever Travel Companion HQ!

“I am ordering two more pairs after testing out a sample pair on a recent trip to Russia and Spain. I love these things - they are super comfortable for wearing on a plane and the pockets are perfect - the zippers add confidence and they are just all around perfect for traveling.  There is ONE thing you should mention on your page however - and I learned the hard way.

When traveling - DO NOT load up the pockets before going through airport security. Wait until getting through security to put your money and credit cards in the hidden pockets.  I put extra cash and credit cards in them and went through security and was singled out for "enhanced screening" in a private room. I had to disrobe and empty the pockets to show them they wasn't anything nefarious in the pockets. HOWEVER - both the screeners were very impressed with the quality and functionality of the underwear!!  :) Kudos to you.

I was actually in Pamplona running with the bulls - my first time - and I wore these to to hold my ID in case anything really bad happened - at least they would be able to identify me! You aren't allowed to carry anything in the actual run and I was worried anything in my pockets would fall out - so they took a lot of the worry out of being identified in a foreign country should the bulls have gotten a little overzealous!

I am the one in the the black shirt and glasses right in front of the black bull.

Right after this photo - the fighting bull (the black bulls ) knocked me down, I dodged the horns but he slid into me knocking me down to the pavement hard - but I scrambled back up and finished the race - making it all the way to the bullfighting arena. They say that beginners should never start at La Curva ( (Dead Mans Corner) so that is right where I headed!! Yeh - I'm like that  - and I made the classic mistake they say rookies make - instead of running to the right - I saw the bulls and just ran - ending up on the left side. The Bulls don't know a corner is coming - and they often slip and slide into the left hand wall as they make their way around the corner, and sure enough - that's how he slammed into me. Just solid, solid mass like a stone slab - they are so powerful and so fast. The medics washed out the scrapes on my arm (the streets are filthy) but because the medics "treated me" I get my name in the official history of the running of the bulls.  So I am now "in the history books".

I am the one in the the black shirt and glasses right in front of the black bull.

It was certainly an experience. I'm 56 years old and this has been my "year of living dangerously" after a broken heart sent me into a tailspin. In January I was in Nassua swimming with Tiger Sharks - without a shark cage. It was . . . amazing - to feel such powerful creatures brush against you as they slipped through the water about 65 feet down. In September I will be in Africa with a group called VetPaws . . . a group of ex soldiers who help train game wardens and park rangers in their fight against poachers.”

Benjamin, NYImagery

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