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A whole new use for Chopsticks...Pick Pocketing that is. September 08 2014, 0 Comments

Of course the Chinese are good with their chopsticks. But who knew chopsticks could also be used for pick pocketing? Watch this video from China and see just how relaxed the pick pocket is. No rush, a soft gentle touch, and voila, the money is his.

That's the thing though, most everyone believes there is no way a pick pocket can steal from them without being discovered, but that is a false assumption. Pick pockets are pros at what they do and they have practised. A lot. Having been pick pocketed myself, and from an inside jacket pocket at that, all I can say is- never, ever, underestimate a skilled, trained pick pocket. Pick pocketing is what they do and you will never know what hit ya'.





Perfect for an insulin pump September 03 2014, 0 Comments

Women's underwear with secret pocket Men's underwear with secret pocket
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Actual use of Clever Travel Companion with insulin pump 



This video was shot by Eliot LeBow LCSW, CDE from DiabeticTalks (


It is with great joy and pride that we have come to discover that our gear also helps many, many people with diabetes, by providing a safe and secure place to carry their insulin pump. Travelers that don’t want to risk losing their valuables also use our gear. The great part is that when you travel as a person with diabetes, you can have a pump in one pocket and your passport in the other when traveling. The uses for our underwear are endless and will make your everyday life a bit easier.

Here are the main reasons that our gear are perfect for carrying an insulin pump:

  • Stops the tubing from interfering with your movement
  • No more need to make holes in your clothing and pockets
  • Reduces pump droppage 
  • Protects your pump
  • Comfortable enough that you will forget you are wearing a pump
  • Get a good night's sleep without having to constantly adjust the position of your pump
  • Reduces worry
  • Regain a sense of normalcy while avoiding awkward conversations.
  • Perfect place to put your pump when wearing a dress or suit

The underwear comes in many colors (for instance: black, pink, blue, green, striped, grey, white, and more) and are made of soft, high quality materials (cotton or modal) for durability and comfort. Prices from $21.90. We always provide free shipping on any order over $75 - anywhere in the world.

Safety on Cruises, Pickpocketing, Theft and more August 24 2014, 1 Comment

Travelling is a time of carefree joy and pleasure, but with the rise in pickpocketing you always have to keep your guard up. Cruises are one of the fastest and most convenient form of travel, but tourists on these ships are prime targets of pickpocketing. Most people assume that being on vacation means you are exempt from crime, but the opposite is actually true. Simply being a cruising tourist makes you a target. 

Pickpocketing is Everywhere

The thing to remember is that pickpocketing is really not limited to just certain parts of the world. Even though Barcelona is one of the main pickpocketing areas, you still have to be on the lookout in North America and in Europe. In Barcelona 1 in 4 tourists will be pickpocketed, while this number is not as high in other areas of the world it is rising. Pickpocketing is becoming the major risk of tourists venturing on cruise ships.


Can it Be Avoided?

When it comes to pickpocketing, it is essential that you know how to protect yourself from petty theft. Most petty theft is not fully covered under normal travelers insurance policies, which means that you will be out all cash and valuables that are stolen from you. Pickpocketing is a crime that takes skill and you likely won’t really know when you are at risk of theft. However, there are a few things that you can do to lessen the risk of pickpocketing during your cruise vacation.

Don’t Be Flashy

If you want to avoid being a target of pickpocketing, it is essential that you maintain a low profile. This means that you should not flaunt what you have and try to blend in without sticking out like a tourist. Blending into your surroundings will keep you from becoming a target and will help you to avoid petty theft.

Plan In Advance

It is always a great idea to book hotels in advance depending on the cities that you are porting in. You can choose locations that are safer, which will minimize your risk of theft. It is also a good idea to not go out at night and stay close to the cruise ship whenever you port. Venturing too far out will only make you more of a target in foreign locations.