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Top pickpocket hotspots in Europe May 24 2016, 0 Comments

Top pickpocket hotspots in Europe


The Plague of Pickpockets

Europe is a vacation destination full of wonder. Age old cities belonging to even older civilizations and unique cultures, bunched close together, continually sharing their diverse and fascinating individual features. It's no surprise that Europe is one of the hottest tourist destinations around and in being so it is also one of marauding pickpocket's most successful operating hubs. The tight, bustling cities packed with awe struck tourists make for an irresistible opportunity to those who prey on others unintended negligence.

The Clever Travel Companion has devised a watertight method for keeping safe in such areas, so with our gear, there's no need to spend your vacation worrying or avoid Europe altogether. Stay vigilant and remember the below pointers and you're sure to have a memorable European trip.



As mentioned above, take note of the areas pickpockets operate in and remain vigilant. They are communicating with one another to find the best areas and devising new methods to steal and beat tourist's latest prevention techniques just as much as travel companies are trying to come up with new ones. With Clever Travel Companion Clothing you're sure to beat them without even trying.
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Video: Woman with her children attempting to prevent a pickpocketing is violently assaulted May 11 2016, 0 Comments

Pickpocket attack


Pickpockets are no laughing matter. At The Clever Travel Companion we stress the issue of traveler safety every single day, we even built a company around it purely based on personal experiences. We understand it may become slightly boring reading about the same negative experiences over and over again, especially when the chances of it happening to you are very slim and you are probably prepared or don't put yourself in vulnerable positions... Well I'm sure the young mother in the below CCTV footage taken in Stockholm, Sweden in January 2016 probably thought the same, she also did not put herself in any danger of being pickpocketed. She simply did what any moral human being would do in such a situation and in doing so, was subjected to a violent assault. 
We cannot stress enough that the safety of one's valuables does not only mean you get to keep your iPhone or you don't need to file an insurance claim, it means you avoid becoming a target and therefore, you remain safe.


Jan 2016: Stockholm, Sweden. A young mother with her children is violently assaulted and spat on whilst trying to prevent a pickpocket at Gamla Stan metro station, Central Stockholm.

Fortunately, the attacker was arrested the same afternoon and is now behind bars and the woman is unhurt, it's easy to see how this could have been much worse however.
The YouTube video description states that the man involved in the attack was an immigrant to Sweden and whilst that cannot be confirmed, nor should it be suggested that non-natives are pickpockets, it should be noted that the massive influx of refugees hitting Europe has resulted in heightened tensions in built up areas and opportunities for people up to no good. You only have to look at the New Years Attacks in Cologne, Germany where over 1000 women were attacked at the Central Station in a single night, for evidence of this.                          
The most alarming factor of today's climate is not the rise in pickpocket case's but the rise in pickpocket related violence. It seems thieves have become bolder and more brazen in their methods and they wont take failure lightly. This travelers account of an attempted theft in Pickpocket City: Barcelona a few years back, shows just how careless perpetrators have become of being outed in public places or of authorities.
The below infographic offers some advice on how to stay safe and where remain vigilant. Of course the best solution to avoid being targeted is to not have any valuables to target... Or at least look like you don't.


Top Pickpocketing Cities


It should be stressed that while pickpocketing is a serious matter and one you should always be aware of, it should not affect your travel plans. You are more likely to be targeted as a tourist, but only if you invite such behavior, here's a guide how NOT to. The likelihood however, is that you will have an unforgettable trip of a lifetime and come home safe and sound with all the possessions you left with (except what you ditched to make way for all the purchases!). You will certainly increase your chances of doing so with some Clever Travel Companion gear.

Changes to Affiliate Program April 25 2016, 0 Comments

We're making some changes.


Hey Guys! We're making some positive changes to our affiliate program initially on a trial basis to reflect our desire to develop and drive the program further and our willingness to place more of the focus of our future marketing campaigns on affiliate sales. So let me introduce some of the features that we'll be implementing to the program you're signed up to from today.


1. Incremental commissions

Our current basic program offers a 10% kickback for sales generated within 30 days of a customer visiting your site. We'll be implementing a new incremental system whereby sales generated within a calendar month totaling a minimum of $150 will increase your total percentage to 15%, $400 will take you up to 20%, $1000 in sales, will generate a commission of 25% and finally, $1500 of sales within a calendar month will generate a total 30% commission.

2. First Sales bonus

For those of you who have yet to create a sale with us or who haven't generated any sales for over 30 days, we'll be implementing a first sales bonus. In addition to your regular commission kickback, you will receive and extra 10% of your first affiliate sale or first in 30 days.

3. Referral bonus

We understand that most of our affiliates probably have numerous friends or associates in their circles that may benefit from joining our program just as we may benefit from having them involved. With this in mind, we have added a an additional form field to our affiliate sign up form that allows new sign ups to mention who referred them to the program. For all sign ups that mention a current affiliates name, affiliate number, blog name or email address, that partner will receive 10% of the referral's first generated sale in bonus. If you have a large number of interested parties, get in touch with us and we can discuss a tailored set up - So feel free to introduce your friends!


Hints and Tips!

1. We're always developing new products and with every restock, there's likely to be a few new additions, including those that are planned for the near future. For now though, if there's any product lines you've not yet had the chance to check out or if you would simply like to take a look as one of our affiliates and perhaps give it a test run or write a review for an upcoming trip, feel free to let us know and we'd be happy to get a sample out to you if it's in stock of course!

2. If you're looking for content ideas, we update our blog and send our subscription newsletter every week or two. If you've not signed up, feel free to do so at the bottom of our page! The blogs and newsletters normally consist of useful information and tips for overseas travel, special uses for the Clever Travel Companion gear like our hacker's guide and reasons why travelers should use them, for example "The Top 40 Travel Scams Worldwide" - In your refersion affiliate account, you have the ability to generate your own affiliate links; in the past a lot of our affiliates have typed up our blogs or newsletters in their own words or posted a short mention and linked to the full blog on our page. This is a great way to keep up general sales and interest without too much effort!

3. We can accommodate special discount codes for your readers or to include on your site or newsletter for special promotions, just get in touch. Please bare in mind that discounts are tracked but not through the affiliate program, so you still need to ensure they're clicking your affiliate link.

4. Don't forget that we ship worldwide and shipping is free on orders over $75!

5. A few months back we updated all our banners and links (creatives) that you'll find in your affiliate account. These link to a new, up to date page on our site and are a little more pleasing to the eye. If you haven't already we'd encourage you to get them updated on your site!

6. For those of you who have been with us a while and would like to discuss our partnership in more detail and if you have any ideas on how to get the most out of our collaboration, shoot Rory an email at and we'll talk things over - We'd love to hear from you and get your ideas!

7. Payments are normally made "as and when" often per month or so. We can issue payment at any point (within a reasonable period from sale to ensure refunds/fraudulent orders don't go through) should you request it as long as we have your PayPal email address on file, so don't hesitate to get in touch!


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