Men's underwear with pockets, striped cotton

$27.90 $29.90

Men's underwear with pockets - no one but you will know where your valuables are hidden!

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Men's anti theft, anti loss, anti pickpocketing underwear with two pockets with zipper closures come in a comfortable boxer brief style with two button fly. The pockets fits passports perfectly and there is ample space for credit cards, cash, id-cards, drivers licenses and other valuables you just don't want to lose on your travels.

Currently three colors are available: Gray & White, Navy & White, & Gren & Navy

65% cotton, 35% polyester. Wash warm with like colors. Preferably hand dry or if needed tumble dry low.
Please note that we do not exchange or accept returns of underwear due to the nature of the product, so please make sure you check out the our FAQ page before ordering and see our size chart for size measurements. We recommend that you always go a size up when deliberating between sizes since our sizes are on the smaller side.
The Clever Travel Companion's underwear with pockets are patent pending.
Critically acclaimed travel blog Matador wrote: 

"Comfortable. Not too tight, not too loose. Of course, I immediately dove into the pockets, of which there are two zippered ones on either side and on the front of each leg. I slipped my passport into one of the pockets. A snug fit, just the right size. I put a couple of credit cards and some cash in the other.....these would be extremely handy when traveling; they’re a lot less cumbersome than a money belt, and it’s one less thing to carry."


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