3 Alternative Activities to Reduce Pickpocketing May 01 2018, 0 Comments

First and foremost, this is not discouraging travel or experiencing the excitement of seeing the world in any way, after all, what fun would that be? Nevertheless, if you’re new to the jet-setting lifestyle, you want to make sure that you’re safe and not at risk of being pickpocketed or losing anything in general. Of course, you’ll have no doubt done your research before travelling, so will be prepared for any cases of pickpocketing, such as keeping your possessions hidden and attached to you. 

Once you’ve spent time at your destination and got to know the area, the best tourist spots are sure to become apparent. As you get used to the new found freedom of travelling, though, it’s perhaps best to devote the day to exploring, so if any problem does arise, there are plenty of people around to help you, and you can see where you’re going.

In this step-by-step road to travel confidence, what can you be doing at night to still make the most of the experience, but stay in the knowledge that you are safe? Here are some alternative activities without even having to leave your room:

1. Film Night

This might seem boring, especially as it’s something you can do at home, but travelling can get tiring, especially on main journeys to your destination where you can spend hours on a plane and could suffer from jet-lag depending on your travel experience. On the first night, take the time to rest and build up your energy for a full-on day tomorrow. For those of you who can afford it, splashing out on a hotel with a gorgeous view, room service and films might just add an extra special touch to your holiday. Plus, it wouldn't be a great start to the trip if something bad happened on the first night, so relax and plan out the adventure.

2. Casino Fun

If you’re staying in a hostel, for example, with big group rooms, watching a film might disrupt others. However, that doesn't stop you from accessing the Internet on your phone, tablet, or any other possible gadget. You never know when the next trip could be to Vegas or Monte Carlo, so practising your casino games is a good idea. With the likes of Canadacasino.net reviewing online casino games, there’s a wide choice at your fingertips, which can be done from your hostel bed. You won’t, therefore, need to carry around lots of cash, unlike a physical casino, reducing the risk of pickpocketing.

3. Guided Tours

Group holiday tours are very much a thing nowadays. A travel company organising trips means that you will be staying in the same accommodation as others on your tour, and participating in activities together. Even when it gets dark and you’re in an unfamiliar place, there will be a coordinator in this group who can provide help. The fact that there are several of you to keep an eye on potential pickpockets is safer too.

Liking the sound of these options now? Whilst you don’t want to hide in your hotel room for your entire trip, it’s important to get to know a place, so that you can be safe and have the most enjoyable time.