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10 Things You MUST Not Do Abroad April 25 2016, 0 Comments

All of us have heard horror stories from every region on the globe. Mention a country or a city, or type in a place name on Google and you'll certainly drag up some stories you wish you hadn't. Stories that will make you question whether to visit the destination, whether to take a vacation or whether to leave the house at all.

It's true there are dangers everywhere in the world, its the reason Clever Travel Companion and its travel safety gear exists at all but how common are they and of the stories you read, how much is actually reported? Well it is safe to say there's a little bit more to most than what you will be able to find out.

Most horror stories can be traced back to mostly unintended tourist negligence, so we've put together a guide of what NOT to do in order to avoid ruining your trip.


Unlicensed Money Exchange

Don't flash large sums of foreign or local cash nor exchange money at non-registered or shady looking money exchanges


Typical Tourist


Don't look like an obvious tourist, leave the Hawaiian shirt at home and try not to consult maps in public or look lost.
Anti-theft Clothing
Don't carry a backpack that looks like luggage or even at all. Use Clever Travel Companion pickpocket proof gear instead

Motorbike snatch thief

Don't walk with your bag loosely hung over your shoulder or facing the roadside. This will deter bike thieves from targeting you


Walking alone in the dark

Don't visit dangerous places or walk in unfamiliar, isolated or dimly lit areas. Especially at night. This may seem obvious but its very easy to neglect


Misplaced passport

Don't leave your valuables in public view. That includes your passport as much as your iPhone. Again, the best solution is Clever Travel Companion



Don't park anywhere but in a well-lit place, take all valuables with you or lock them in the trunk. Leave hitchhikers to locals


Rental Car

Don't drive an obvious or labelled rental car, hide maps, travel docs and other valuables in the glove compartment. Rental cars are targeted by thieves so make sure you're insured properly


Hotel Room Key

Don't keep your house or hotel keys on the same ring as your vehicle key, leave your accommodation keys with reception


Lost luggage

Don't keep cash, jewelry, medicine or other valuables in your luggage and never leave your bags unattended. Use Clever Travel Companion's secret pockets instead


As mentioned above, most problems overseas can be caused through general tourist negligence and most of those above could be considered obvious and relate to the treatment of your valuables, not behaving like an obvious tourist, making yourself a target and as sad as it is to say, making yourself "worth attacking". The fact of the matter is that although having your valuables stolen or being mugged is incredibly scary and inconvenient, you will live to fight another day. The unfortunate truth of the world we live in is that often, these small, petty crimes are what leads to escalated violence, so remaining vigilant over your belongings and following the above rules will keep you safe and happy.
One sure fire way of doing this, is to use Clever Travel Companion's gear. Afterall, it is what it was created for. It's incredibly functional, it suits all travelers with a discreet design and keeps valuables safe and sound and out of sight.
So to use the old cliché "better safe than sorry", ensure your own safety on your next trip and make sure you're wearing Clever Travel Companion

Car Rental Insurance - The need to knows! April 06 2016, 0 Comments

So you're traveling overseas and you've decided the best way to get around is to rent a vehicle. You've read up on licensing requirements and found a reputable rental company with booking availability. But what about insurance? What happens if the worst happens? Are you fully covered by the rental company? Will your travel insurance cover you? Or do you need to make separate arrangements?

These questions are unfortunately not the easiest to answer and naturally, they change depending on where you're planning to go. Having said that, there are some common things that you do need to know when it comes to car rental insurance.


Car Rental Insurance Damage


  • Do I need car rental insurance to rent a car overseas?

Many car hire companies make their profit by selling add-ons. They will offer a form of basic rental insurance with their rental packages which will often only cover a major crash, a write off or theft and no minor damage e.g. smashed widows. It will leave you with a hefty excess usually between $750 - $1500. They will then try to sell you a CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) Insurance that covers this excess but can be very expensive. It is very important that you read the details of these policies thoroughly.


  • Can I get my own insurance?

Yes you can and you should. There are many independent insurance companies that have blanket policies covering a range of eventualities and are available for short or long term periods. They're also much cheaper than rental companies, are much clearer to understand and have been known to be more trustworthy. These policies will often cover minor damage such as windows, undercarriage, scratches and dents etc.. and cover the rental companies excess. They have a reputation for quick and easy customer service and are known for taking the question marks out of car rental insurance.


  • Does the CWD insurance cover all excess?

Not necessarily. For most international rentals, the collision damage waiver insurance does not completely cover the rental vehicle. Depending on the location and the size of the vehicle, there will also be a deductible (non-waivable excess) that you would have to pay should there be damage caused to the car.


  • Does my travel insurance or credit card cover car rental insurance?

It can do, contact your insurance company or credit card supplier to see if this is something that they offer prior to making arrangements. If they do of course, check all the details and what elements will be covered in the event of an accident or what costs you may be liable for.


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To summarize, rental car companies can and will try to sell you insurance policies. They will also apply mandatory policies and if you're not careful, these can often become very costly, very quickly. The best route to take is to ensure you are independently covered before renting and remain clear on your liabilities should the worst happen. Otherwise - Enjoy your trip and stay safe on the road!


Clever Travel 2016 January 27 2016, 0 Comments

Clever Travel

Over the next few months the team at Clever Travel Companion will be creating their guides to clever travel in 2016, including places they're going, places they want to go and places they've already been! Todays offering comes from our own Johanna who, despite only being January, has already been to Sweden, Abu Dhabi and Kuala Lumpur. With that sort of travel appetite, you can imagine the rest of the year is going to be even more exciting! Here's a sneak peak of Johanna's 2016 travel guide...


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Lusitano Riding, Portugal

Lusitano Riding, Portugal

I'm sure this is an experience that would be found near the top of most female travelers agenda's. Somewhere alongside swimming with dolphins perhaps. Lusitano's are a famous, ancient breed of Iberian horse, known for their majestic stature and willing temperament. Riding such an intelligent and powerful animal along a Portuguese beach at sunset is certainly something for the Instagram album but more importantly, an experience to be treasured for a lifetime. This is high up on Johanna's list and will be a fantastic opportunity to test out her new Clever Travel Companion Leggings. Most jodhpurs don't come with pockets and the last thing she'll want is a bag bouncing up and down with the horse!




Sardinia is a sizeable island just off the west coast of Italy. It comes complete with breathtakingly stunning coastal views and trails, a wild, relatively untouched landscape, beautifully preserved historic elements dating back to the bronze age and of course, 4 million sheep. What more could you want? It's one of many European islands that may fall under the radar at times, but anyone who calls themselves a traveler needs a Sardinian boarding pass to add to their collection.
Be sure you take your Clever Travel Companion travel safety gear because although Sardinia ranks as #1 for tourist safety in Italy, there is an organized crime influence and areas that are classified as unsafe, in particular, the areas close to Cagliari football stadium.


Nowegian Fjord Cruise

Norwegian Fjord Cruise

A fjord cruise again is probably something at the top of most people's lists and if it isn't, it should be. Perhaps one of the most unique travel options one can experience, certainly not your regular beach or city break. Fjords are narrow geological inlets, created through glacial erosion. Very scientific but they make for fantastically stunning views of the surrounding land mass, beautifully clear and incomprehensibly deep blue water and the freshest air you will probably ever taste. Cruise's are also family friendly providing plenty to do for all ages, if you're planning on taking your kids for some whale watching on board, make sure to kit them out with a few Clever Travel Companion Kids Tees, they'll keep the little one's safe and allow you peace of mind to enjoy the wondrous surroundings. For those looking for something a little different but as equally exciting as any experience, take a fjord cruise.


Morocco Desert Trek


Situated on the North Western tip of Africa, separated from Europe by just 14.3 kilometers of Alboran Sea and cut off from the rest of Africa by the Sahara desert, Morocco is an amazingly diverse cultural hub. Predominately an Arab and Berber country, it has strong French, Spanish, Portuguese and African influences through a rich 12 centuries years of European colonization and busy surroundings. All of this influence makes for some of the most spectacular surroundings and uniquely diverse food a traveler will ever come across. Known for its bustling markets, Morocco and in particular the capital Marrakesh could certainly compete for the title of "the world's kitchen". Keep in mind though, by definition, these markets are certainly places to stay vigilant, so keep your valuable close with your Clever Travel Companion gear and you'll be just fine.
As well as being culturally and historically diverse, Morocco is also as geographically diverse as it gets. The Sahara desert, Atlas mountains, Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts can all be found and experienced in this beautiful country. Be sure to check it out and absorb the magnificent colours, sights, sounds and smells to be had here.