The Clever Travel Companion Updates

  • The Clever Travel Companion Updates

"Adventures with Ben" Reviews Clever Travel Companion's Gear

Here is another excellent review of the Clever Travel Companion's underwear with pockets: Underwear with Pockets Travel Gear Review: Protects Your Valuables (& Money too!) This time from traveler and journalist Ben from "Adventures with Ben". Here are some high lights from the review: "Whether you’re jetting through terminals or walking through the city, you barely know anything is there. More importantly, pickpockets wouldn’t suspect a thing. The pocket placement...

Lonely Planets Gift Guide Loves the Clever Travel Companion!

Check out Lonely Planet's blog; they recommend the Clever Travel Companion's underwear in their latest gift guide. What an honor! I am a huge fan of the Lonely Planet. Back in the days, I used to live by those thick tomes.... I don't know how many thumbed, spilled on, ripped, sun bleached books by the Lonely Planet I have owned. I say have, past tense, because whenever I would leave a place...

"Sexy-time Pockets"

The excellent Matador travel site just posted a review of the Clever Travel Companion's underwear on their "MatadorGoods" pages. It is a great review and very funny.  The Clever Travel Companion mainly intended the underwear for travelers but the post author Carlo Alcos recommended them for a few more groups... the Musicians, the Photographers, the Chefs and finally the Lovers, hence the 'Sexy-time pockets"... Read the full review here