The Clever Travel Companion Updates

  • The Clever Travel Companion Updates

Important Holiday Shipping Information!

Dear customers,  the Holiday season is the busiest time of the year for all postal carriers. The shipping rates and estimated delivery times we offer on the Clever Travel Companion are based on real time calculations from the shippers. However, once an order leaves our warehouse it is in the hands of the shipping company and we can only trust that they deliver within the time frame they gave. We do everything we...

Underwear with Pockets - Hide Your Valuables and Keep Safe!

Clever Travel Companion Press release The Clever Travel Companion offers brand new travel safety products that make travelers lives simpler, safer and more fun and guarantees to hide valuables out of sight and out of danger! The Clever Travel Companion's products can be found at The Clever Travel Companion designs and produces products with one simple goal: to make travelers safe and secure on the road. Being robbed of ones passport,...

Winners Announced

Together with Art of Backpacking, the Clever Travel Companion has hosted a giveaway! Two winners will receive one pair of original Clever Travel companion underwear with pockets and one t-shirt with print.  The winners are: Nini of Sjöbo, Sweden and Danielle from Bayonee, New Jersey, USA.  Congratulations Nini and Danielle! Check out Art of Backpacking here: