The Guide to Your Next Solo Travel Destination: Marbella October 17 2018, 0 Comments

If your idea of the next perfect solo travel vacation is both relaxing and Instagram worthy, look no further than Spain’s hot spot for relaxation, excitement and glamor, Marbella. The resort town attracts the most friendly and trendy people from all around the globe. Nestled between the Sierra Blanca mountain range, the coastal town is famous for its pleasant weather and charming architecture. Indeed, this Andalusian town is sure to leave you speechless first, and then turn you into a storyteller.

Your flight will land in Malaga, only an hour’s drive from Marbella. Alternatively, you can also book a flight to Gibraltar, but Malaga has many more international flights. So, be sure to take the bus if you are on a budget, as it will save you more than 30 euros. When you use public transport, it is not only light on the pocket but also, an excellent way to discover the most beautiful town of Costa del Sol.

The ideal accommodations are the hostels around town. Solo traveling is all about new experiences, and hostels in Marbella are both social and fun, providing you with the perfect budget-friendly accommodation.

Calm your senses by starting off breathing in the aromatic sea air and soaking in the sun at your perfect slice of heaven, as Marbella offers its travelers a choice of more than 20 beaches to wind off. You have the option to read a book surrounded by the various Roman ruins or interact and meet new people at the fancy beach bars or float on the crystal-clear water of the Mediterranean Sea.

Be sure to take out time to explore the town whose history goes as far back as the Roman times. A day hike in Marbella offers you an opportunity to visit villages, Moorish castles, Roman ruins, prehistorical caves and a view of the African continent. Only by walking will you get to know the “real Andalusia” of which Marbella forms the central part. Inside the heart of the city, your senses will be greeted by a pleasant sight and smell from numerous gardens, the most famous among them being Plaza de los Naranjos, which is surrounded by the Old Town.

While modern and cosmopolitan, Marbella still has its traditional cultural and social events throughout the year. The summer ferias (fairs) are not to be missed, as you can enjoy the best of the city’s authentic food and drinks. Marbella not only boasts a parade of festivals and carnivals but is also one of the favorite hosts to international festivals, such as the Marbella International Film Festival and PokerStars Festival Marbella, drawing people from all over the world.

As historical and traditional Marbella is in the daytime, it is equally if not more glamorous and exciting at night. With no shortage of bars, pubs and nightclubs, Marbella is regarded as the ultimate party destination of Spain. Enter the VIP clubs under silver waterfalls to groove to the coolest beats of DJs like David Guetta and Tiesto while sipping on the best of regional dessert wine and nibbling on tapas or soothe your soul with some live performances in local music bars.

For the fashionista in you, Marbella has numerous if not endless shopping options. The coastal town has its fair share of shopping malls, which have all the national and international designer brand shops situated right in the center of the town and in the mountainsides. But it is in Marbella Casco Historico where you will find the real gems. Also known as the Old Town, boutiques and small shops selling unusual gifts, toys, clothes, shoes, furnishings and accessories fill the streets here.

No wonder Marbella is one of the most preferred European solo travel destinations all year-around. The picture-perfect architecture, ever-warm temperature, easy and safe self-navigation, especially for female solo travelers, are some well-established features of Marbella. So, grab your backpack and discover your new self in the unique experiences Marbella has to offer.