Recognizing the Pickpocket’s Sandwich Technique and Tips to Avoid It

Recognizing the Pickpocket’s Sandwich Technique and Tips to Avoid It

Imagine yourself receiving your first paycheck. After paying your bills and hitting the supermarket, you find yourself with a few hundred dollars you can freely spend on yourself. Should you go to the mall to check out that phone you want?

Today is a great day at the mall since there’s not much of a crowd. You walk towards the escalator, following a pretty woman with long, flowing hair. Just before the escalator steps, the lady’s phone rings and she suddenly stops. Unable to stop in time, you bump into the woman, and the next thing you know, a man behind you bumps into you as well.

Now you are trapped between two people, all of you trying to move to get to the escalator. The lady offers an embarrassed apology to you and the man, and she starts climbing the steps of the escalator in a hurry. You shrug it off and step onto the escalator with no worries. No harm, no foul.

Half an hour passes by, and in a moment of panic, you realize that your pocket is empty. Maybe you slipped your wallet in another pocket? Okay, so you check everywhere and you even try checking the floor around you. Your wallet is nowhere to be found!

“The Sandwich” Pickpocketing Technique

You try to retrace your steps. You even consider trying the Lost and Found kiosk. But you will never find your wallet because what you do not know is that you have just been “sandwiched.”

Pickpockets use techniques like the sandwich because it’s easier to steal when there’s more than one pickpocket in operation. The target has at least two people working against them. A distraction will be standing in front of them to stall them while the pickpocket works their magic fingers to get to the target’s valuables. Sandwiched in between two seemingly innocent people, the target has no idea that they’re actually the victim of a theft until it’s too late.

How Do You Protect Yourself Against Pickpockets? 

You should be vigilant about your surroundings and avoid unnecessary interaction with strangers. Pickpockets don’t always look suspicious, and the distraction may even look innocent or attractive. Also, if nothing is urgent, do not be in a hurry. This way, you can avoid bumping into others.

Avoid checking on your valuables when in public. This is like advertising where you keep the goods. If you carry a bag or purse, keep it in front of you or hold your backpack low and near your legs. Keep your money close, preferably in a hidden pocket.

It is smart to wear comfortable clothing that is multi functional. Clothes that keep you comfortable do not distract you from your immediate surroundings. Clothes and underwear that have secret pockets, hard-to-reach pockets, and buttoned or zippered pockets are ideal for storing valuables.

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