Earn Commission through the HI Hostels and Clever Travel Companion Affiliate Partnership

Hostelling International (HI) has partnered with the Clever Travel Companion to offer a unique deal! As a HI Hostel you are invited to sign up as an affiliate and earn 15% of any order placed by customers you send our way.

The Clever Travel Companion designs and sells high quality pickpocket proof travel gear: we have uniquely/designed travel clothing with hidden, zippered pockets, perfect for tavelers who need to safely hide away passports, credit cards and cash. With the Clever Travel Companions travel clothing a traveler can relax, no matter where they go, where they stay or where they sleep, knowing that their most precious valuables are safely hidden away from long fingered pickpockets - pickpocketing and petty theft is a crime of opportunity and by using the Clever Travel Companion gear the opportunity, and thus the threat, is removed.

There is no cost associated for you with this affiliate program. It is simple, when anyone referred from your site, newsletter or social media purchases from clevertravelcompanion.com, you get 15% of that order.  When you sign up you will get access to an admin panel where you can copy and create unique links that you can share on your site, in newsletters, on social media, etc. You can also download graphics to place on your site. When someone clicks on a link or banner their activity is tracked and you can get commission if they place an order. It’s that simple!

For those affiliates that deliver constant results we’re happy to create custom graphics or share product samples etc. We want to work with you to earn more, because if you earn more we earn more.

If you have any questions, comments or concern please feel free to reach out to pascal@clevertravelcompanion.com


Affiliate program terms

  • 15% commission awarded to Hostelling International on every transaction made by a customer of Hostelling International that results in the provision of services (minus tax, shipping, refunds, returns and fraudulent orders).
  • Payments will be made monthly on the last day of the month and paid to Hostelling International through Paypal. In the event that the commission amount is less than £50, the Partner may postpone payment until the next planned payment date where the commission amount is £50 or more, or on termination of the Agreement.
  • A report of transactions / commission amount / registrations / conversions will be available for download through the affiliate platform admin panel at.
  • If the Partner makes a refund to the customer, the Partner will deduct the commission relating to that transaction from a subsequent commission payment to Hostelling International within 3 months of the date of purchase. Commission is tracked by 30 day cookie.