As a Clever Travel Companion partner you get all the benefits of a strong and innovative brand without having to invest in or handle merchandise. Becoming a partner is easy.

This is how easy it is

The Clever Travel Companion issues you a unique discount code that you can forward to your customers, post on your site or distribute among your friends and colleagues. The discount code gives the customer 10% off their entire purchase. Everytime the discount code is used you, as a partner, get then same amount as the customer has saved - that is 10% off for the customer and 10% to you.*

That's all there's to it. If you want to partner with the Clever Travel Companion, don't hesitate, contact us for your unique discount code, start distributing it and make money. This is the true win-win-win scenario: the customer makes money, you make money and we make money.

If you are interested in partnering with the Clever Travel Companion, please contact Pascal Henri at


Small print

* Balances over USD 50 are paid out monthly at the 23rd each month, if your balance is lower it accumulates until it's over USD 50. If an order where your unique discount coupon has been used is charged back, lost or if we for some reason decide to refund the customer your commision for that order is void.