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Empty-Handed Pickpocket: The Clever Travel Companion Leaves Pickpockets around the World Twiddling their Thumbs.

With almost half a million people becoming victim to pickpockets every day, thieves are turning to new and increasingly sneaky tactics to get their hands on travellers’ swag. However, an innovative range of clothing by The Clever Travel Companion is just the ticket these globetrotters need – being 100% pick-pocket proof.

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San Francisco, California –   Johanna Denize knows about traveling; having traveled to more than 40 countries herself, mainly backpacking, she has a wealth of firsthand experience protecting travelers from pickpockets.

"Money belts are bulky and therefore easy to spot. Fanny packs are easy to cut open. Neck pouches are easily cut away. In fact, the more traveling I did, the more I realized that none of these security systems worked and that none of them were any good at all when it came down to normal human forgetfulness and absent-mindedness,” says Johanna.

Most of the time she was traveling, Johanna felt safe, but she's had money stolen and lost her passport several times. "That's when I decided that if I, as an experienced traveler could still experience these problems, something needed to be done to help all travelers keep their belongings safe,” she adds.

Johanna developed The Clever Travel Companion Company and came up with the idea of putting pockets in underwear.

Explaining her concept, Johanna says, "I wanted something that wasn't bulky, that no-one would know you were wearing and so I came up with the idea of fitting secure, secret pockets in specially designed, slim fitting underwear.”

The first item she designed was a set of boy short style underwear for women and a boxer brief for men. Both items have two pockets with secure zippers on the front where travelers can keep their passport and the bulk of their money. Next, Johanna moved on to T-shirts and tank tops with a secret stomach pocket and for skiers, long-johns with secure pockets.

“The beauty of underwear is that is doesn’t get taken on and off throughout the day and it stays very close to your body with other layers on top. Therefore, I realized that it really is the safest place to store valuables. Also, because it is hidden, nobody will ever guess the traveller is storing important items in their underwear – pickpockets included! As a double benefit, it also destroys the need to carry bulky, unsightly money belts or pouches. You have to remember, money belts are simply not safe as the thieves are looking for them and spend their lives learning to steal them. On the other hand, how many thieves have been sneaky enough to get to your underwear?!” she explains.

And as for the person wearing them, won't they feel the discomfort of their cash or passport digging into them as they move around? "Not at all,” says Johanna. “The garments are all very comfortable. The wearer won't even notice the built-in secret pockets, nor the fact that they’re carrying their passport, travel documents, cash and credit cards."

With The Clever Travel Companion travelers can sleep on the beach, go bungee jumping, sleep on the train and know that their belongings are perfectly safe and sound and because Johanna is a seasoned traveler, her company ships this savvy range of clothing all around the world.

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About the Clever Travel Companion

The Clever Companion was founded in 2010 by Johanna Denize. Originally from Sweden, Johanna now lives in DC with her husband and son. Having traveled more than 40 countries, backpacking and otherwise going budget style, Johanna realized a better solution was needed to protect travelers from pick pockets and loss; money belts, fanny packs and neck pouches simply wouldn't do. They were itchy, bulky and ugly and easy to misplace. Thus Johanna invented the Clever Travel Companion's line of garments with secret pockets and no pick pocket – no matter how smart - will know where a traveler's valuables are hidden.

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