Said about the Clever Travel Companion

Lonley Planet
"There’s no safer place to keep a credit card, cash and important documents than down under, but it’s so much easier with these nifty pants and their zip-secure pockets. And it’s a saviour from the waist-widening evils of travel belts and fanny packs, meaning the essentials are kept secure while the wearer stays svelte."

"Comfortable. Not too tight, not too loose. ...I slipped my passport into one of the pockets. A snug fit, just the right size."

"these would be extremely handy when traveling; they’re a lot less cumbersome than a money belt, and it’s one less thing to carry."

I Backpack Canada
"The fabric feels great, and the fit ensures “everything” stays in place. I’m a big fan of the boxer-brief style, and the folks at The Clever Travel Companion did good work on the overall construction and quality of their mens underwear. The pocket zippers feel like they’re sturdy and could be definitely be trusted with hanging onto your documents."

Adventures with Ben
"I’ve run the Clever Travel Companion through the wash a number of times and they’re still going strong. The zipper has been pulled back and forth on numerous occasions and is still working just fine. All indications point to quality."