Some of my stories

Dear Member of the Media,

I would love to talk to you about safe traveling. Of course I could talk about Sweden, the north and winter sports or the Archipelago (just beautiful) or Stockholm, since Sweden is my birth country. I have been to many other countries and one of my favorite countries to visit is Jordan. I also love France and especially the Lot. I used to study and travel in Russia but that was a long time ago, 1991-1994, just after high school. But if you are interested in stories of the last days of communism there, of running our of toilet paper, riding 'black' taxis, vodka as medicin, riding the Transiberian to Beijing I could talk about that.

My husband, our son and I love the US and we have driven across the US twice and are planning to do so again this year actually. We formally live in the US since a few years when we received our permanent residence status and our son was born here. We decided that before we settle down, if we ever will, somewhere in the US that we would see many parts of the US and decide where would suit us best. So if you think talking about our favorite US cities and places and driving cross country could be interesting I would love to do that.

I am sure you have heard the term 'lifestyle independent'. We have been living that way on and off for many years, experiencing different countries and cities. We have lived in Bretagne, France, the Swedish country side, D.C., San Francisco and upstate NY just by Woodstock, Thailand (and we are heading of to Bali soon) in the last ten or so years whilst traveling a lot too. Since we can both bring our jobs with us it has been possible. I could talk about how to set up a location independent life and what it actually entails, the pros and the cons.

We did drive down from San Francisco to Merida, Mecixo, a few years ago. That was a terrible trip and actually the first time I was ever scared. We were robbed by the police multiple times and threatened by the military at a road side stop, and for the first time ever we decided to go back home ahead of time.

We could talk about being pickpocketed in London, on the TransSiberian Railway, in Moscow or on Mallorca.

We could talk about how I invented the Clever Travel Companion's products to combat pickpocketing, to help travelers feel and be safe no matter what they do or where they go. We could talk about the new, exciting products and ideas we have coming soon.

Or we could talk about what your travel concerns are, what style of Clever Travel Companion products you would like to try and if you would like to join the Clever Travel Companion as an affiliate.

These are just a few travel topics that could perhaps be of interest to your audience.

Of course, if you do segments on topics besides traveling, I could talk forever about entrepreneurship. Clever Travel Companion is the fourth company I have launched myself and I have been involved in numerous start-ups as a VC and freelance consultant. I am also working on several new projects. I could talk about how to start a venture on a budget, bootstrapping it and being resourceful and that starting a business is not all that scary, it just takes some guts and a lot of hard work!

Wishing you safe travels and a great day,

Johanna Denize
Clever Travel Companion

Email: johanna at clevertravelcompanon dot com


The Clever Companion was founded in 2010 by Johanna Denize. Originally from Sweden, Johanna now lives in the Bay Area with her husband and son. Having traveled more than 40 countries in her twenties,backpacking and otherwise going budget style, Johanna realized a better solution was needed to protect travelers from pick pockets and loss; money belts, fanny packs and neck pouches simply wouldn't do. They were itchy, bulky and ugly and easy to misplace. Thus Johanna invented the Clever Travel Companion's line of garments with secret pockets and no pick pocket – no matter how smart - will know where a travelers valuables are hidden.

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