Welcome affiliates!

This is where you will find instructions on most things that is related to the Clever Travel Companion's affiliate program. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, don't hesitate in getting in touch with me.



Clever Travel Companion


What's Refersion?

Refersion is the affiliate platform that we use. We've decided to use Refersion since they are very friendly, professional and responsive to our, which in the end is also your, needs. More information on Refersion can be found here: www.refersion.com


How are sales tracked - how do I know I get to correct commission?

We track sales using cookies. We set a cookie in the customers' browser when they click a banner from your site or affiliate link that you have shared with them. Then when the customer completes a purchase we use that information to match the order placed with your affiliate account. If a sale takes place within 30 days from the time the customer clicked a link on your website, it is attributed to you. So the order does not have to happen the same day for you to get your commission.


How does it work for me?

After you've been approved you will get access to your affiliate account where you can select which banner(s) you think might work well for you. You will also get trackable affiliate links that you can share with potential customers (for instance through social media).

When things start moving for you there is also a set of tools that you can use to track sales and how the various banners/links perform. Looking at these numbers (visits, conversions, revenues, etc.) will help you identify what affiliate actions are performing best for you.


How do you get banners and/or links for my site?

When you log in to you affiliate account, the first thing you will see is your dashboard with a summary of the activity on your account.

There's also a home page link displayed that you can use this to inform potential customers via email, social networks etc. Using this link will ensure that you get your affiliate commission.



Clicking on the "Creatives" link in the main menu will take you to the banners/creatives currently available for you to use. Click on the creative that you think might work for you, you can chose as many as you like.



The small popup will give you the option to copy HTML code that you can past on your site/blog. Depending on what technology you are using you will have to go about this in a different way. If you are, for instance, using WordPress then this code could be pasted into a text widget, maybe in a sidebar or header section of your blog theme.

Another option is to copy the shown under.... "Link" and use that to inform potential customers via email, social networks etc. Using this link will ensure that you get your affiliate commission.



How can I get more information about the Clever Travel Companion? You will find a ton of information in our blog, images can be found under press images,  you can check out what other have had to say about our products.

If you want to try out our gear for yourself just send us an email. We don't always give always review samples, sometimes we're low on stock and just can't afford to, but as an affiliate you will of course always be first in line.

Good luck and happy affiliating... Do let us know if something is unclear, if you would like different creatives, if you have any happy or negative comments, or just send us a 'hello'!