UK Road Trip Essentials

A trip around the UK can make for an incredibly rewarding and affordable holiday. There’s none of the complications that come with overseas travel, and there’s so much history, culture and natural beauty on offer in this country that you’d have difficulty experiencing all of it.

If your road trip is to go off without a hitch, however, you’ll need to be sure that you’ve done the right preparation, and packed all of the necessary essentials. Let’s run through a few of the most important.


If you’re going to drive on a UK road, a license is a legal requirement. The same goes for a valid MOT certificate for the vehicle you’re driving. You don’t need to carry all of this documentation with you, but it’s vital that you have it. You can book an MOT online in advance of your trip.


Nowadays, the easiest way to get around an unfamiliar part of the country, and to avoid the worst congestion, is with the help of the right smartphone app. This might be built into the dashboard of your car, or it might be installed onto your phone. Assess the options and establish which app is right for you – just make sure that you use common sense whenever the app tells you to do something that the road in front of you suggests is impossible.

Drinks and Snacks

Keeping your energy up is vital, especially if you’re going to be spending long periods in the car, and especially if you’re taking small children along for the ride. Almonds and other nuts tend to provide energy that lasts, but you might also treat yourself to something sweet every now and again.

Sunglasses and sun cream

It’s easy to forget about the effects of the sun when you’re in the driver’s seat – but if you’re sitting under glass, in direct sunlight for hours on end, the chances are good that you’re going to get burned. Make sure you protect your face, eyes and arms.

First Aid Kit

While it might not be pleasant to think about it, there’s always the possibility that you’ll run into difficulty on the road. Packing essentials like a first aid kit might make all the difference – not just to you, but to other people whom you might be able to help.

Car Fluids

To function properly, you car will need a range of fluids. Engine oil, screenwash, antifreeze should all be checked prior to your voyage, and topped up where necessary.

Prepare a playlist

No good road trip is complete if you don’t have the right soundtrack. Modern streaming music services allow you to assemble playlists from just about every artist you can imagine, as well as your favourite podcasts, too.

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