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Does Travel Insurance Cover Pick Pocketing Incidents? February 06 2019, 5 Comments

When you are traveling, the main apprehension or worry that you should have involves pick pocketing. Travelers are targets of pick pocketing and the statistics back it up. More than 33% of travel insurance claims deal with the theft of personal property. This means that pickpocketing incidents are common and that you need to protect yourself in any way possible. Many wonder if travel insurance can be the way to lessen the risk of pick pocketing and protect your possessions.

What About Petty Theft?

When it comes to travel insurance, many people want to know if petty theft or pick pocketing is covered. This is due to the fact that travelers are looking to protect the possessions that have the most value to them. The answer to this question is not easy and involves many different factors. Travelers insurance is quite complex and your coverage changes depending on the type of coverage that you obtain.

The Good News

The best way to explain if travelers insurance will cover pick pocketing incidents is to break down the facts into good news and bad news. The good news is that all essential documents including your passport are covered under travelers insurance. This means that if your passport get stolen, you will not be stuck in a remote or exotic location, and you will have coverage that lets you get new documents,. All losses that you incur due to delays associated with the loss of your passport will be reimbursed to you through your travelers insurance provider.

The Bad News

All important personal documents are protected with travelers insurance, but petty theft itself is not really covered. This means that normally all cash, phones, purses, wallets and other items that are pickpocketed are not totally covered under your traveler’s insurance policy. Cash losses are (almost) never covered by insurance companies, because they are high fraud risks. Whatever cash you carry in your wallet that is pickpocketed is a loss that will not be reimbursed to you. This means that most pickpocketing incidents are not really covered by your travelers insurance. But always check with your insurance company before leaving home, since most company’s rules differ. Some cover more than others.

Be Aware

Since pickpocketing and petty theft are not incidents that you can protect yourself from with travelers insurance, you must be aware of this risk. You need to make every effort to carry your possessions in a manner that does not make you a target of theft. The risk of pick pocketing is something that you can’t totally avoid when traveling.

The 9 things you should do if your luggage is lost, delayed or damaged. January 21 2019, 0 Comments

If your luggage is delayed, goes missing or gets damaged on a flight, what sort of compensation are you entitled to? The Montreal Convention makes airlines responsible for the bags they allow you to check in, although their liability is limited to only around $1,500 per passenger.

10 Things you MUST NOT do When you Travel Abroad December 30 2018, 0 Comments

10 Things you MUST NOT do When you Travel Abroad

All of us have heard horror stories from every region on the globe. Mention a country or a city, or type in a place name on Google and you'll certainly drag up some stories you wish you hadn't. Stories that will make you question whether to visit the destination, whether to take a vacation or whether to leave the house at all.

It's true there are dangers everywhere in the world, its the reason Clever Travel Companion and its travel safety gear exists at all but how common are they and of the stories you read, how much is actually reported? Well it is safe to say there's a little bit more to most than what you will be able to find out.

Most horror stories can be traced back to mostly unintended tourist negligence, so we've put together a guide of what NOT to do in order to avoid ruining your trip.

1. Don't flash large sums of foreign or local cash nor exchange money at non-registered or shady looking money exchanges.

Money changer

2. Don't look like an obvious tourist, leave the Hawaiian shirt at home and try not to consult maps in public or look lost.

Don't look like an obvious tourist

3. Don't carry a backpack that looks like luggage or even at all. Use Clever Travel Companion pickpocket proof gear instead.

Don't carry a backpack

4. Don't walk with your bag loosely hung over your shoulder or facing the roadside. This will deter bike thieves from targeting you.

 Don't walk with your bag loosely hung over your shoulder

5. Don't visit dangerous places or walk in unfamiliar, isolated or dimly lit areas. Especially at night. This may seem obvious but its very easy to neglect.

Don't visit dangerous places

6. Don't leave your valuables in public view. That includes your passport as much as your iPhone. Again, the best solution is Clever Travel Companion.

Don't leave your valuables in public view

7. Don't park anywhere but in a well-lit place, take all valuables with you or lock them in the trunk. Leave hitchhikers to locals.

Don't park anywhere but in a well-lit place

8. Don't drive an obvious or labelled rental car, hide maps, travel docs and other valuables in the glove compartment. Rental cars are targeted by thieves so make sure you're insured properly.

Don't drive an obvious or labelled rental car

9. Don't keep your house or hotel keys on the same ring as your vehicle key, leave your accommodation keys with reception.

Don't keep your house or hotel keys on the same ring as your vehicle key

10. Don't keep cash, jewelry, medicine or other valuables in your luggage and never leave your bags unattended. Use Clever Travel Companion's secret pockets instead.

Never leave your bags unattended

As mentioned above, most problems overseas can be caused through general tourist negligence and most of those above could be considered obvious and relate to the treatment of your valuables, not behaving like an obvious tourist, making yourself a target and as sad as it is to say, making yourself "worth attacking". The fact of the matter is that although having your valuables stolen or being mugged is incredibly scary and inconvenient, you will live to fight another day. The unfortunate truth of the world we live in is that often, these small, petty crimes are what leads to escalated violence, so remaining vigilant over your belongings and following the above rules will keep you safe and happy.

One sure fire way of doing this, is to use Clever Travel Companion's gear. After-all, it is what it was created for. It's incredibly functional, it suits all travelers with a discreet design and keeps valuables safe and sound and out of sight.

So to use the old cliché "better safe than sorry", ensure your own safety on your next trip and make sure you're wearing Clever Travel Companion.