Happy Holidays 2019! 20% of with this code!

Happy Holidays 2019! 20% of with this code!

The Clever Travel Companion team here just writing to wish everyone a happy holiday period for the year 2019! We've had a great year, a lot has happened and the future is looking very exciting indeed! In 2020 who knows where you will find yourself, let's hope its somewhere new, somewhere exotic and interesting. South America maybe? Asia? Eastern Europe? Scandinavia? There are always new and unexpected gems to be found if you just get up and go! Don't for one second think that everywhere has been explored and there's nowhere new in the world that is yet to be experienced, blogged about or has not yet felt the weight of a sandal worn by a bewildered tourist and his selfie stick:) We encourage you to make 2020 the year you discover the world! But, remember take care, take the appropriate precautions and stay safe!
Lapland Chalet

A snow covered chalet in Lapland, Finland - If you dropped your keys in that snow, it would take you a while to find them again!

If you or a loved one is planning a once in a lifetime trip next year then what better way to ensure they stay safe, than to introduce them to The Clever Travel Companion's travel safety range of clothing. We have new products arriving very soon and I can promise you, they will be popular! Don't know what they'd like? Get them a gift card! That way they can choose what would suit them best.

Please remember to get your orders in as early as possible, we have no control over the postal service during the holiday period and as you would expect, things get pretty hectic. But if you order on a weekday, we ship the same day!

This year our gift to you guys, for being the best customers on the planet, is a 20% discount on all orders until Jan 31st. Just enter the code "GREAT2020" at checkout.

Have a lovely holiday, a very merry Christmas and happy New Year 2020!

/The team at Travel Companion

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