The Clever Travel Companion Updates

  • The Clever Travel Companion Updates

10 Travel Tips Exclusively for Retirees

1. Travel During the Week Since you're retired, you'll be able to travel during the week, which often is less expensive than on the weekend. According to USA Today, the cheapest days for domestic flights generally are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. For flights to Europe, weekdays also tend to be more affordable than weekends. 2. Travel During the Offseason With total control over your schedule, you'll be able to travel...

How To Budget For Your Next Big Trip

72% of millennials value experience over material possessions. Business thought leaders coined the term “experience economy” to capture this value system. If you’re someone who spends more on experiences than possessions, you’re probably more interested in budgeting for your next trip abroad than for a house or car. Here’s how you can budget for your next big trip. Brush Up Your Organizational Skills Steph Jagger, who traveled around the globe and...