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CNN 25 totally unnecessary but desirable travel gadgets 2014 (nr. 13): You can stash valuables in the hidden pockets of Clever Travel Companion's T-shirts, tank tops, and, yes, even undies and long johns. 


Los Angeles Times Clever Travel Companion product review

Los Angeles Times "...these bloomers (styles for men and boy-cut style for women) that allow you to keep money, passports and other documents safely under your clothes. They're jersey soft and generously sized. One caution: Don't, as I did, put your cellphone in there if you're expecting a call. Can be embarrassing if you're in a meeting."


Lonely Planet Clever Travel Companion review

Lonely Planet Blog "There’s no safer place to keep a credit card, cash and important documents than down under, but it’s so much easier with these nifty pants and their zip-secure pockets. And it’s a saviour from the waist-widening evils of travel belts and fanny packs, meaning the essentials are kept secure while the wearer stays svelte."


The New Zealand Herald

NZ Herald "Crucially, it's a comfortable wear. The cotton is heavy, but sat nicely when tested out on a hot summer's day down on the Coromandel and, dare I say it, the shirt looked pretty smart. I rocked about with car keys in one pocket and cash in the other and they felt fine.

If you're slick enough to pick these pockets then, hell, you deserve the contents."


Matador Clever Travel Companion product review

Matador "Comfortable. Not too tight, not too loose. Of course, I immediately dove into the pockets, of which there are two zippered ones on either side and on the front of each leg. I slipped my passport into one of the pockets. A snug fit, just the right size."


Airfarewatchdog "We love that the pockets are on the side of the shirt, so it's more inconspicuous than front money belts."


Portland KPAM radio - Clever Travel Companion product review
A segment from the Portland KPAM Travel Show - Foolproof Underwear
Another segment from the Portland KPAM Travel Show - No Job, No Destination, No Worries

Banker in the Sun They are the answer to many a travelers prayers! The range of clothes has secret zippered pockets that keep your valuables 100% invisible to thieves, making sure you don’t become a pickpocketing target wherever you are in the world.


Clever Travel Companion review 

Backpacking Africa for Beginner "After my backpacking trip, I had to throw out most of my clothes. They were worn out, falling apart, and just utterly gross. Most of my shoes didn't even make it half way. Yet my tank top survived. It's still in perfect condition today."


Adventures With Ben Clever Travel Companion product review

Adventures with Ben  "Underwear with pockets is perhaps one of the most fun, clever (duh) and useful travel investments you could make. I giggle every time I have them on. It’s a product that does what it promises… and does it well. They are priced right for travelers of any style and would make a great stocking stuffer. I love ‘em and wear ‘em and I suggest you add a pair (or two) to your collection."


I Backpack Canada Clever Travel Companion product review

I Backpack Canada "What’s great about this particular design of underwear isn’t the fact that they’re comfy, or that they’re surprisingly sleek and sexy. It’s the pockets! Two front pockets, that are perfectly sized to fit your passport, credit cards, money, and any other important documents you might carry while you travel."


Chicago Tribune Clever Travel Companion product review

Chicago Tribune "we offer you some of our favorite finds that say, "Hey, traveler, we get you. You're smart, you're curious, and you want pockets in your underpants.""


Trend Hunter Clever Travel Companion product review

Trendhunter "The Clever Travel Companion Underwear will fool Thieves around the World - Forget about those money belts and travel pouches that travel gurus swear by, the Clever Travel Companion Underwear is the ultimate way to keep the most crucial documents and personal belongings safe while adventuring around the world. They are essentially briefs with built-in pockets, eliminating the need for extra hardware around one’s belly."


Art of Backpacking Clever Travel Companion product review

Art of Backpacking "I can’t think of any spot safer than a pocket in your underwear. Even at gunpoint, it’s difficult to ever know you have more hidden in your underwear."


Brooklyn Exposed Clever Travel Companion product review

Brooklyn Exposed "...they are actually very stylish and available in a variety of colors. They also look fashionable enough to wear as bikini bottoms or trunks – just don’t go in the water.  Wearing these can save you the hassle of having  money wired or visiting an embassy to re-order your passport."


Ottawa Citizen Clever Travel Companion product review

Ottawa Citizen "A company called Clever Travel Companion has developed travel underwear with zippered pockets."


Sydney Morning Herald Clever Travel Companion product review

The Sydney Morning herald "US-based Clever Travel Companion says it has created comfortable underwear with hidden pockets to stash cards, passports and other treasures from the prying hands of pickpockets. 


Calgary Herald Clever Travel Companion product review

Calgary Herald "go find that tantalizing train station bench and sleep tight!"


Travel Weekly Clever Travel Companion product review

Travel Weekly "it would take a pretty deft pickpocket to make off with your passport, money or tickets once you have hidden them away in the two zippered pockets that could make this unmentionable the biggest thing in undies since Depends"


Oh Gizmodo! Clever Travel Companion product review

Oh Gizmo "Someone points a gun at your face and tells you to empty your pockets. If you’re wearing these babies, you’ve got no problem. Well, you still have the gun-in-face problem, but assuming your assailant can be satisfied with chewing gum wrapper and old receipts and will simply walk away, miffed… you’ve got no problem!"





The Globe and Mail Clever Travel Companion product review

The Globe and Mail "If you need a safe place to stash your cash, slip on a pair of pocketed skivvies."


Smarter Travel Clever Travel Companion product review

Smarter Travel "Final Verdict: If you're going somewhere with a high risk of pickpockets, staying somewhere where you want to keep your valuables on your body, or just hate carrying a purse, the Clever Travel Companion is worth it."


Trailsurfers in Phnom Penh Clever Travel Companion product review

Trailsurfers in Phnom Penh "I needed these undies when I got pick-pocketed twice in Cuba."


The New Zealand National Business Review Clever Travel Companion product review

The New Zealand National Business Review "Years of backpacking in more than 40 countries has given Swedish-born Johanna Denize a wealth of firsthand experience about protecting travellers from pickpockets." 


Johnny Jet Clever Travel Companion product review

Johnny Jet "Another fine place to hide your valuables is in Clever Travel Companion’s line of underwear. That’s right they sell underwear for both men and women that have two pockets with secure zippers on the front. All their products come in multiple colors and sizes in either soft cotton or lightweight, breathable modal."


Gadling Clever Travel Companion product review

Gadling " I was excited when I found out about The Clever Travel Companion's line of "100% pick-pocket proof" clothing." "The Clever Travel Companion has created an extremely useful yet comfortable set of clothing options for travelers, especially when you also think about the extra accessories you now won't have to pack. "


Rudy Maxa Clever Travel Companion product review

Rudy Maxa "a line of attractive, functional, and sneaky clothing that allows you to stash cash and other stuff in a new way that should prevent the bad guys from winning"


Huffington Post Clever Travel Companion product review

Huffington Post "Men should carry their wallets in their tightest pocket. Still, that’s not always safe enough. For added security, men might try underclothing with built-in pockets for valuables which are comfortable and functional for easy access, but which make it almost impossible for thieves to steal from"


Clever Travel Companion review in Boston Globe

The Boston Globe "Clever Travel Companion’s safety apparel keeps your cash, credit cards, passport, and other valuables safe from pickpockets. The new line features men’s and ladies underwear"


Clever Travel Companion product review Richmond Times Dispatch

The Richmond Times Dispatch: "They are a sensible alternative to cumbersome money belts. Of course, you can wear the tees all by themselves"


The Daily Mail "Hidden from view but able to feel it present, the hidden pockets on a T-shirt or vest are an excellent way secure your valuables."


Rebatezone "This will get rid of the belt pack and still enable you to keep your items with relative safety. The pocket is cleverly designed to hold all your valuables while you travel and keep them accessible at all times. This is  especially useful in airports, which have become increasingly difficult to traverse, with security checkpoints demanding to see your documents at every turn."


Man on the Lam "While you most certainly will not want to be reaching down your pants for your ID, the undergarments are a great way to keep valuables protected that aren’t needed at a moment’s notice, such as emergency cash."


The Travelling Calavera "The vest feels secure and easy to use, plus the plain design means it doesn’t scream ‘tourist’"


Elvis Duran and the Morning Show "Each item is about $30 which is totally worth not having everything stolen!"


The Redhead Story "I really think this is a smart idea and can make your travel experience so much more stress-free."


Mochadad - Clever Travel Companion on the travel gift list!


Alaska Girl At Heart - "If you are looking for comfortable undergarments with security pockets, I highly recommend these."


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