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Every day an estimated 400 000 travelers get pickpocketed around the world. Money belts, neck pouches, wallets and purses are no match for seasoned thieves and the statistics would surprise even the most experienced of travelers. Even more travelers accidentally misplace their belongings, finding themselves stranded and scared in a foreign country without money, a passport or even a phone. There are more travel horror stories than one would care to imagine. 

In steps the Clever Travel Companion! Our 100% pickpocket proof travel garments with secret built in zipper pockets were designed by travelers for travelers so that they can finally keep their valuables safe and sound without impacting their once in a lifetime trip.

Clever Travel Companion - pickpocket & loss proof travel gear

Our products

The Clever Travel Companion’s product line includes underwear in the shape of a boy short for women and a boxer brief for men, both with two pockets with secure zippers on the front, large enough to hold your cell phone, passport, some cash and more. T-shirts and tank tops with a with a single secret pocket on the front or 2 either side. For the winter season we have Long Johns, Leggings, a Hoodie and a Scarf all packed full of secret zipper pockets. New for 2018 are our Ladies T-shirt Dress with 2 secret pockets, our Crew Neck with 2 zipper pockets and our Hoodie now available in grey! All products come in multiple colors and sizes and are designed using the highest quality, durable material blend. The garments are all very comfortable and the pockets have been designed and extra lined to support themselves so that when full, they wont effect the wearer. The secret pockets are made to fit passports, travel documents, cash and credit cards perfectly.

There really is no safer place to hide the most important valuables on a trip; underwear and clothing don’t come off until the wearer decides they do and you're less likely to leave a scarf behind than your wallet - or have your scarf robbed! You can’t accidentally misplace and forget your valuables with The Clever Travel Companion range, as you can with purses and money belts. So there is no longer a need for bulky, uncomfortable fanny packs and ugly neck pouches; with the Clever Travel Companion’s gear, the safety pockets are right there, integrated into the garments keeping the all important valuables 100% safe. No one but the wearer of the underwear will have a clue that the travelers valuables are safely hidden away and no pickpocket, no matter how smart, will get to them!

Check out our models below, would you believe that between them in this shot they have the equivalent of a regular carry-on bag worth of luggage on them?

If a traveler needs to spend the night in a misty train station somewhere in Europe, wait for a delayed flight at JFK, take a nap on a ferry in the Greek Archipelago, sleep under he stars on a golden beach in Asia, share cramped accommodations of the beaten track in a hostel somewhere in Latin America or go bungee jumping off a ridiculously high bridge in New Zealand with a group, he or she can rest assured in the knowledge that the most important valuables are safe, hidden away and securely zipped in the the Clever Travel Companion's foolproof underwear with pockets or leggings or one of our t-shirts. All the while, the savvy traveler keeps some cash at hand in a regular wallet or pocket for everyday small expenses.

Shipping is free worldwide on all orders over USD 75 - no exceptions! Shop Now to check out our entire range of Pickpocket Proof Travel Gear, or you can find us on Amazon. Check out our Shipping Page or FAQ's for all the information you may need or send us a message!

"Some of my stories" by Johanna, founder of the Clever Travel Companion

I would love to talk to you about safe traveling. Of course I could talk about Sweden, the north and winter sports or the Archipelago (just beautiful) or Stockholm, since Sweden is my birth country. I now live in the US but have been to countless other countries having been traveling for most of my life and I have both seen and experienced a multitude of safety issues on and off the beaten track.

I’m a “digital nomad” living the “location independent” lifestyle trying to make the most of what the world has to offer. Clever Travel Companion was born out of a sense of need for some kind of portable security that wasn't an annoying fanny pack or neck pouch. Thankfully it appears I wasn't the only person who felt that way!  

You can read some of my stories more in depth here and I’m always interested in talking to you so, please, don’t be shy! Reach out and we can talk. We're always interested in partnerships. 

Said about the clever Travel Companion

The Clever Travel Companion’s gear has been featured in Lonely Planet, Matador, LA Times, Sydney Morning Herald, Calgary Herald, Vagabond and many more. The Clever Travel Companion is pleased to say that it has customers from all over the world!

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The Clever Companion was founded late 2011 by Johanna Denize. Originally from Sweden, Johanna lives a digital Nomad kind of life with her husband and son. Having traveled more than 40 countries in her twenties, backpacking and otherwise going budget style, Johanna realised a better solution was needed to protect travelers from pickpockets and loss. Money belts, fanny packs and neck pouches simply wouldn't do, they were itchy, bulky and ugly and easy to misplace. Still traveling the world with her husband and one year old, Johanna invented the Clever Travel Companion's line of garments with secret pockets. No pickpocket – no matter how smart - will ever know where a travelers valuables are hidden.


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