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What the Clever Travel Companion is about

How do you keep your valuables safe, no matter where you go or what you do?

Most people are nice and friendly but pickpocketing is big business for many: we help you not become a target and, if you do become a target, to not lose your most valuable stuff.

There is also always the risk of accidentally misplacing or unintentionally leaving something behind. We have had our money stolen (even out of a money belt) a few times and lost our passports too, do you know what to do when you lose your passport? We didn't.

We always thought that as seasoned travelers we knew what we were doing and would never get robbed. But for crafty pickpockets we were no match... Other times we had no one to blame but ourselves. Carelessness, tiredness or something or other simply led to stuff going missing: a passport disappeared somewhere between Malaga and Barcelona, a wallet went missing on the train to Paris and somewhere on a desert road in Africa is a Swedish drivers license laying, all by its sad self.

Losing a passport or credit card is rarely the end of the world, they are replaceable, but it is a huge hassle and really makes a serious dent in your travel plans. Getting a new passport overseas takes time and money - time you would rather spend sightseeing or laying on the beach with a ginormous umbrella drink. To all of a sudden have to spend time, and money, replacing your valuables is annoying as hell. Even if you have travel insurance.

So, in order to make sure travelers always keep their most important documents and money safe, and enjoy a hassle free trip, we started The Clever Travel Companion. The Clever Travel Companion makes anti-theft and anti loss products that help travelers keep their belongings safe at all times and ensure a fun and safe trip, no matter where you go.

After the initial success with the Clever Travel Companion underwear with pockets we decided to expand the product line. The Clever Travel Companion now also sells long johns with pockets for all those traveling to cold destinations. After all, skiers also need somewhere to stash their money and credit cards whilst out on the slopes. Two other new additions to the product line are t-shirts and tank tops with a pocket on the stomach area or two pockets, one under each arm. The pocket naturally fits credit cards, passports and cash perfectly. Wearing a sweater or shirt on top of the t-shirt or tank top makes the pocket totally invisible and your valuables completely safe! Most lately we added circle scarves with pockets, these are perfect for city travel, the keep you safe and chic and the same time. And for warmth we have hoodies with numerous pockets that can even fit iPads and books. Finally just this summer we added cute travel dresses, which you can easily dress up and down and still look great and be safe.

Seriously, no pickpocket, no matter how smart will ever know where you are hiding you valuables with the Clever Travel Companions patent pending products with secret pockets! Oh, and of course, it is virtually impossible to mislay your stuff because lets face it, anyone can forget a wallet, purse, fanny pack or money belt somewhere but who takes off their clothing just anywhere in the middle of the day and forgets it?

The Clever Travel Companion will be adding new products all through the year, so please check back. Of course you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to know more before buying, check out what others had to say about the Clever Travel Companion's products.

Thank you for stopping by the Clever Travel Companion! Safe travels!