What a Journey....

As I started this journey I knew very little about bringing products to market. Getting a prototype made, then a sample and then ordering stock...it has been a real journey. Not to mention learning about import and export (Harmonized Tariff Schedules anyone...), setting up a web shop, packaging and logo, materials, sewing and bulk production terms. It is a whole new world out there! I know now so much, much of which we really have no desire what so ever to know and much which is really interesting and essential information for anyone starting a small business.

It has taken some time from first drawing till today: one year to be precise. Of course during the last year I have also spent time with my family, I had a son, I have traveled a bit and worked a lot. There is never enough time for all the things I want to do and all the places we want to see.

Anyways, getting a product to market is hard work and sourcing is the most difficult. Well, it can be easy if you are lucky and find a great manufacturer right off the bat. Let's just say I did not and I went through several before I found our current supplier. So far everything is working fine with them, apart from production and shipping taking much longer than planned.

When I started trying to find a supplier the first thing that had to be done was have them make samples. I had detailed drawings, written instructions, and I really thought it would be easy. When I received samples with pockets on the back of the underwear, pockets on the diagonal, fly's without buttons, bags with my logo misspelled (how can that happen– I sent a PDF – and somehow the logo gets changed anyways?) I realized nothing is ever easy.

Well, after at least 10 different samples, here we are: the first batch is ready to go, sitting packaged and pretty, waiting for your orders! As our first orders are coming in (thank you so much guys for being first!) we can't wait for your feedback. Please let us know what you think!



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