The Gadling likes the Clever Travel Companion's Stuff!

Nothing makes me happier than knowing that our customers like our products - that the products do what they promise - keep you safe and at the same time look good and are comfortable. Many of you email before you decide to buy, a bit concerned, with questions about sizes, comfort and function. Then once you buy you get back to me telling me you are pleased with your purchase! It makes me stupid happy knowing that my 'invention' works and is being used and appreciated by so many of you out there!

What makes me equally happy is when professional bloggers and journalists love our stuff too! In fact we haven't had a single bad review yet and e have lots of sample products out there for review! So check out the latest review on the excellent travel site The Gadling! The writer Jessica Fiesta tried our ladies underwear and a tank top and she was so pleased she actually wrote she would buy the tank top even without a pockets, it was so comfortable! 

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