Some More Great Clever Travel Companion Reviews!

We get quite a lot of request from bloggers and travel writers to try our gear and of course we are happy to comply! After all feedback is what makes any product better so the more real travelers that try our pick pocket proof travel gear in the friled so to speak, and then let us know what they think, the more we can improve them. Then again, the reviews are all favorable and apart from some recommendations for minor changes we are proud to say that the response to the Clever Travel Companion's travel safety stuff is overwhelmingly positive!

Check put some of our latest reviews, and while you are there, browse the blogs and travel sites: they are really, really good and so useful when planning a trip. We are quite amazed at how many people out there travel, travel well and document it so that the rest of us can learn from them, and live vicariously through them. Thank you all for trying our travel clothes with secret pockets, for reviewing thema and most of  all for writing so darn well about your amazing travels!

For example Liz, a 20-year old from Dc, writes in 'Appel du Vide' very personally about her travels.

Go Nomad is a great site about travel planning and with tons of excellent tips.

Smarter Travel is an excellent site with advice on practically everything to do with travel, and in particular smarter travel.

If you are interested in the North, try I Backpack Canada. 

Other great travel sites, with multiple travel writers are Gadling, Matador, and of course Lonely Planet.

And of course check out MSNBC's TravelKits.

For more, check out our 'As seen in page' where most of our reviews can be found and with links to lots of great travel sites!

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