Pickpocketing in Australia! July 03 2017, 0 Comments

Australia presents a unique problem for travelers when it comes to pickpockets. Travelers often think of Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania as sunny fun-filled paradises where nothing could go wrong. And for the most part, this holds true. But any tourist destination is going to attract the seedy criminal underworld in some part. In fact, in 2005 Melbourne and St. Kilda experienced a wave of backpacking tourists that actually pickpocketed other tourists!

Just how bad is pickpocketing in Australia? The numbers tell the story. These crime statistics show the number of muggings and pick pockets per year.

  • Australia - 500,552

  • New Zealand - 101,669

  • Tasmania - 8,195

I bet those numbers are a lot higher than you expected! I know that I found them to be. Remember, pickpockets come in all forms. They often are not obvious, and you now know that sometimes other tourists can even be the offenders! Keep your important documents and cash near you at all times with the traveler’s best antitheft friend, the Clever Travel Companion. Let your worries melt away, and enjoy your travels in cheery Australia!