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Smart Travel Hoodie January 26 2017, 0 Comments

The Clever Travel Companion is pleased to introduce one of it's latest designs in innovative travel safety and practical wear: The new Travel Hoodie!

It's a cool, cozy, laid back jacket that will keep you warm and comfortable on an air conditioned plane or keep the sun off you on a cruise or city stroll. Packed full of generously sized pockets it also provides super practical uses; you could conceal your entire carry-on luggage in the hoodie alone and not compromise comfort in anyway - better still, no one would have any idea it was there! 

The two upper inside zipper pockets are a conveniently placed, smaller quick access design for items like cash, keys, credit cards, cell phones or a passport; the kinds of items you might need to use quickly and regularly throughout the day. Having them hidden away but also readily available at chest height is super convenient and undeniably practical, there's also absolutely no chance any prying eyes (or hands) might find them and their contents. 

Ladies Travel Hoodie

The lower "cargo" pockets are designed to provide the same level of cover for your just as valuable but less readily required items. Think tablet, travel wallet, GoPro, notebook, sunglasses, medications and more. A large opening makes it easy to fill up and access your items and built in layers give the pockets the support they need to not drag or weigh you down when full - you'll hardly notice there's anything there and neither will anyone else!

Travel Hoodie with Multiple hidden pockets

So what are you waiting for! Pick-up your ultimate travel hoodie now. Currently available in Navy with white zipper and drawstrings as pictured above and in sizes XS-XXXL. The Clever Travel Companion is developing new colors and designs now!

New Products Now Available! December 28 2015, 0 Comments

Exciting News!! The Clever Travel Companion is pleased to announce new product lines now available to order!

Super Comfy Leggings with 2 Secret Pockets!

Our take on the ever popular ladies leggings. You'll be able to wear these on flights, trains, bus journeys and anywhere else. Remaining comfortable whilst also keeping your valuable items safe and out of harms way but always at arms reach! Click the image below to buy now!

Womens Leggings with Pockets Black

Kid's Tees with Secret Pockets!

In keeping with our comfortable, durable alternatives to Fanny Pack's and bumbags, these tee's are for the little monsters in your life. Keep your kids and their valuables safe whilst traveling with a real cool way of hiding beach finds, toys and more but also a hotel business card or phone number just in case they feel like going for a wander, which of course is every parents worst nightmare! Click the image to buy now!

Kids travel safety t-shirts with safety pocket

From the beginning, all of our items have been designed through experience with everyday travelers in mind. We found that the natural next step for our range would be leggings. Leggings are comfortable and stylish, wrinkle free and lightweight; perfect for traveling. The Clever Travel Companion's leggings have 2 secret pockets to hide all your valuables. You can wear these in all climates and situations: long haul flights and desert treks or even just at the gym or on an evening out. Now you'll get all the regular benefits that come from wearing leggings PLUS room to keep your cell phone, headphones, cash and credit cards safe and out of danger. The high quality design and material also means you wont be jeopardizing comfort or style!

The main purpose of the kids tees is safety: as mentioned, so parents can put a hotel business card, phone number, address etc in the pocket in case the kids get lost. This is the worst possible scenario traveling parents can face. They're also of course great for keeping toys, beach finds and other bits n bobs kids pick up along the way!

New Stock Also Now Available!!

We have also restocked on all other items too anything you've been waiting for is now available to order! Use the code "NEWRANGE2016" for 10% off and remember, free shipping worldwide on all orders over $75 USD. Click one of the images below to get shopping!


 Returns Policy:

Safety and Pick Pocketing in Sydney September 07 2015, 0 Comments

Sydney is a popular Australian destination that has so much to offer tourists. It has beaches, museum, culture and amazing cuisine that can keep you enthralled for weeks not just days. When you are looking to get away and explore, but also relax there is no better location in the world than Sydney. The popularity of Sydney as a tourist attraction has risen significantly in recent years. Many travelers can choose to explore the Sydney Harbor, take in a Lion King show or spend the day walking the Botanic Gardens. With so much to see and do you will not have any care in the world when you are seeing the popular sites of Sydney. However, you should make sure that you do not get lost in your daze and still make safety a priority.

Are You Safe in Sydney?

When it comes to traveling in Sydney, you so not have to worry so much about violent crime. However, you do have to be aware of the pick pocketing risks that exist. Any large city that is known for having tourists will have their own issues of pick pocketing. Sydney is no different and is known to have outbreaks of petty theft from time to time. The amount of pick pocketing crime in Sydney has remained stagnant over recent years, but has not dropped. It is not one of the most notable cities for pick pocketing theft, but you do have to be on the lookout for pickpockets. 

How Do They Strike?

Pickpockets are looking to catch tourists off guard. Tourists are the best targets for pickpocketing, because they are typically distracted and are out of their natural element. Many pickpockets work in groups and use the distraction tactic to make their move. You should never leave your belongings unattended and should always keep your coat close by. Be leery of locals that are too interested in you and always exercise some caution. If you are fully aware of your surroundings, you will likely not be a target of pick pocketing crime.

Not Covered

If you are looking to protect yourself from pick pocketing with travelers insurance, you are likely out of luck. Most traveler’s insurance policies do not cover petty theft and will not cover any cash that is stolen. Never carry more cash on you in Sydney than you are willing or able to lose, hide the rest in your top or undies.