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Smart Travel Hoodie January 26 2017, 0 Comments

The Clever Travel Companion is pleased to introduce one of it's latest designs in innovative travel safety and practical wear: The new Travel Hoodie!

It's a cool, cozy, laid back jacket that will keep you warm and comfortable on an air conditioned plane or keep the sun off you on a cruise or city stroll. Packed full of generously sized pockets it also provides super practical uses; you could conceal your entire carry-on luggage in the hoodie alone and not compromise comfort in anyway - better still, no one would have any idea it was there! 

The two upper inside zipper pockets are a conveniently placed, smaller quick access design for items like cash, keys, credit cards, cell phones or a passport; the kinds of items you might need to use quickly and regularly throughout the day. Having them hidden away but also readily available at chest height is super convenient and undeniably practical, there's also absolutely no chance any prying eyes (or hands) might find them and their contents. 

Ladies Travel Hoodie

The lower "cargo" pockets are designed to provide the same level of cover for your just as valuable but less readily required items. Think tablet, travel wallet, GoPro, notebook, sunglasses, medications and more. A large opening makes it easy to fill up and access your items and built in layers give the pockets the support they need to not drag or weigh you down when full - you'll hardly notice there's anything there and neither will anyone else!

Travel Hoodie with Multiple hidden pockets

So what are you waiting for! Pick-up your ultimate travel hoodie now. Currently available in Navy with white zipper and drawstrings as pictured above and in sizes XS-XXXL. The Clever Travel Companion is developing new colors and designs now!

RFID January 05 2017, 0 Comments

Why doesn't Clever Travel Companion provide RFID-Blocking tech?

RFID is the latest craze in the security conscious industry and although it has its merits, a craze is exactly what it is. For those of you who don't know what RFID blocking technology is and why it exists, here's a quick explanation: some personal valuable items such as credit cards, ID cards and passports contain wireless technology that allows their unique information and ID to be read by certain devices such as ATM's, in-store card readers, government agency tech and so on... This also means that some undesirable people, let's call them "hacker's", can also read the data from these particular items wirelessly from a small distance. RFID-blocking technology such as wallets and purses, prevents this from happening, which is good of course! But is it really necessary?

RFID Blocking Wallet

Well to begin with, most credit cards, which are the biggest concern here, don't actually have RFID transmitters so they cannot be "hacked" anyway. In order to find out if yours does or not, ask yourself: "Am I able to pay for items in-store without putting my card into a chip+pin device or anything similar?" if the answer is no, then you do not need RFID blocking tech. Even cards with wireless payment technology are protected by chip+pin verification, so without knowing your pin, the hacker would not be able to use your card. Similarly, most people do not carry their passports everywhere with them and "hackers" main priority is not identity theft, it creates more risky work before producing a reward, so again, its not a huge concern. I've also yet to touch on the likelihood of you coming into contact with anyone who has the ability, equipment and motive to commit such a fraud, the likelihood is close to 0%, in fact there are no statistics recorded for any such a crime having taken place. Think about it: someone with that kind of expertise is not likely to be standing on a street corner, putting himself at risk for a few hundred dollars, waiting for his first victim. He is hacking Google, Sony, Yahoo, even the U.S. Government and all from the comfort of his own location.

That, combined with the exorbitant pricing of these now hugely popular RFID-Blocking wallets and purses is why you should be worrying about other things. Opportunists have exploited consumer fears over RFID but they've also blurred the lines between real risks and false paranoia. Pickpocketing, mugging, theft and assault are all very real, very common and very dangerous. Give me the choice between having someone steal my credit card wirelessly and someone attack me for it and I know what I'd choose.

Clever Travel Companion will always focus on the real concerns of travel safety on continue to develop our range to provide the highest level of security. Right now, we can't see that RFID blocking tech is desperately needed or required and until it becomes so, we'll keep the cost of it out of our prices.

Hacker's Guide to Clever Travel Companion gear! April 21 2016, 2 Comments

The Clever Travel Companion's pickpocket proof gear provides all the solutions travelers need to avoid losing their valuables or becoming a target for pickpockets whilst traveling. It also would seem pretty straightforward to use and get the most out of but there's more..

1. Reversible underwear

Our women's underwear is designed to have the pockets in the front, however they fit just aswell in reverse, allowing you to have the pockets in the rear if you'd prefer to keep your valuables there!


2. Airport Security

Many people are conscious of what they wear whilst going through the airport metal detectors and rightly so with all that is going on in the world today. Fortunately for CTC wearers, you can rest safe in the knowledge that NONE of our zips will set off the alarm. That of course doesn't cover what you put into the pockets.

We recommend loading up your pockets after security as concealed goods can raise suspicion at security and result in the "special checks" which we'd all rather avoid!

3. Quick Cleaning and Drying

All of our items excluding leggings, are made from a blend of cotton, spandex and/or polyester. We strive to create the absolute best product for taking on all climates and travels. You may not know that our gear is super quick to clean and dry! All you need to do is throw your item inside out in a sink of cold or luke warm water, give it a scrub with some soap and hang it out in a dry area and you'll find it fresh and ready to wear within a few hours! 

4. Second and Third Uses

Our gear is great for keeping safe in foreign countries for sure but its also incredibly useful for working out, running, yoga, going to the gym, listening to an ipod on the move, its very helpful for diabetics who need to carry insulin pumps, asthmatics who need emergency pumps and other medical sufferers. 

5. Storage

The pockets are great for keeping your valuables on you whilst on the move, but why not use them to hide cash or goods when you're not wearing them? We all have our reservations over security deposit boxes but what thieves check t-shirts hanging in a wardrobe for example?

6. Plastic bags

If you're spending the day hiking in the jungle or trekking up mountains, put your pocket goods in a plastic or zip-lock bag to avoid humidity or perspiration getting you your valuables.

Womens Pickpocket proof t-shirt


If you have any secret uses for Clever Travel Companion's gear let us know and we'll add it to the guide!


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