Hacker's Guide to Clever Travel Companion gear!

The Clever Travel Companion's pickpocket proof gear provides all the solutions travelers need to avoid losing their valuables or becoming a target for pickpockets whilst traveling. It also would seem pretty straightforward to use and get the most out of but there's more..

1. Reversible underwear

Our women's underwear is designed to have the pockets in the front, however they fit just aswell in reverse, allowing you to have the pockets in the rear if you'd prefer to keep your valuables there!


2. Airport Security

Many people are conscious of what they wear whilst going through the airport metal detectors and rightly so with all that is going on in the world today. Fortunately for CTC wearers, you can rest safe in the knowledge that NONE of our zips will set off the alarm. That of course doesn't cover what you put into the pockets.

We recommend loading up your pockets after security as concealed goods can raise suspicion at security and result in the "special checks" which we'd all rather avoid!

3. Quick Cleaning and Drying

All of our items excluding leggings, are made from a blend of cotton, spandex and/or polyester. We strive to create the absolute best product for taking on all climates and travels. You may not know that our gear is super quick to clean and dry! All you need to do is throw your item inside out in a sink of cold or luke warm water, give it a scrub with some soap and hang it out in a dry area and you'll find it fresh and ready to wear within a few hours! 

4. Second and Third Uses

Our gear is great for keeping safe in foreign countries for sure but its also incredibly useful for working out, running, yoga, going to the gym, listening to an ipod on the move, its very helpful for diabetics who need to carry insulin pumps, asthmatics who need emergency pumps and other medical sufferers. 

5. Storage

The pockets are great for keeping your valuables on you whilst on the move, but why not use them to hide cash or goods when you're not wearing them? We all have our reservations over security deposit boxes but what thieves check t-shirts hanging in a wardrobe for example?

6. Plastic bags

If you're spending the day hiking in the jungle or trekking up mountains, put your pocket goods in a plastic or zip-lock bag to avoid humidity or perspiration getting you your valuables.

Womens Pickpocket proof t-shirt


If you have any secret uses for Clever Travel Companion's gear let us know and we'll add it to the guide!


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Hey Fran,

We don’t have anything that specifically protects against skimming at the moment however we are aware of the increasing rise in reported cases of credit card and ID skimming for travelers. It seems to be the popular new method among thieves an pickpockets. We are exploring the options of products we can offer and ideally will be able to build protection into the current range of items – so please watch this space!


Rory @ Clever Travel Companion

What about skimming? Do you have products that keep people from skimming your cards? My friend’s daughter had her cash card skimmed in europe, and her account was emptied. My protection wallet is thick, so I’d prefer to have my cards in your t shirt pocket, but that doesn’t protect them.

Fran Landt

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