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Pickpocket Proof T-shirt Dress March 04 2018, 2 Comments

The Clever Travel Companion Pickpocket Proof T-shirt Dress

Clever Travel Companion's brand new Pickpocket Proof T-shirt Dress is the perfect, light and airy summer vacation dress whilst also being super practical and definitely stylish. At home on the beach, in the city, on a cruise and at lunch or even dinner you'll find yourself wishing you had more than one! Easily packed into a carry-on but with the two invisible zipper pockets, you may find you won't even need the luggage! 

Combining style, comfort, safety and practicality is what the Clever Travel Companion's range of pickpocket proof travel gear is all about and the Pickpocket Proof T-shirt dress is no exception! It is in fact the latest in an ever improving range of innovative and unique designs. The two secret, sturdy zipper pockets strategically hidden on easily accessible positions either side of the dress are large enough to comfortably hold cash, credit cards, a purse, a passport, a cell phone, keys and more! Anything you could possible need and never want to lose will find its own place safely away from prying eyes and possible pickpockets. 

Available in Navy/White striped or solid Black in sizes XS-XXXL, there's something available for everyone. We're always considering new colours and designs however so if you have any ideas please let us know! Send us an email directly to - we love to hear from our audience and all ideas will be considered!

Circle Scarf January 26 2017, 0 Comments

The Clever Travel Companion's new Chic Circle Scarf!

The Clever Travel Companion is very happy to be adding the new Circle Scarf to its range!

Travel Scarf with Pockets

The Circle Travel Scarf is a slightly different, unique approach to Clever Travel Companion's mission; travel safety. The scarf combines both chic fashion, safety and practicality to create the perfect travel garment for every situation. Whether you find yourself shopping in New York City, lunching in Paris, sightseeing in Milan or dodging the rain in London, maybe hitting the slopes in the Alps or trekking the Belize Rainforest or even relaxing on the beaches of Rio, the Clever Travel Companion circle scarf has got you covered both appearance wise and in practicality.

Travel Scarf with Pockets

The Scarf is a lightweight, relaxed garment suitable for both hot and cold climates. It comes with two completely invisible, concealed zipper pockets large enough for cash, credit cards, cell phones and passports. The pockets are also supported from the inside to ensure they don't feel heavy or drag the scarf when full, so you can get on with your day worry-free! 

Travel Scarf with Pockets

So what are you waiting for! You don't need us to tell you to book that city break or beach retreat, but now you can't use "what to wear?" as an excuse! Pick up your travel scarf now. 100% cotton and currently available in either Black and White stripes or solid black. You can find the dimensions on the product page here.

Smart Travel Hoodie January 26 2017, 0 Comments

The Clever Travel Companion is pleased to introduce one of it's latest designs in innovative travel safety and practical wear: The new Travel Hoodie!

It's a cool, cozy, laid back jacket that will keep you warm and comfortable on an air conditioned plane or keep the sun off you on a cruise or city stroll. Packed full of generously sized pockets it also provides super practical uses; you could conceal your entire carry-on luggage in the hoodie alone and not compromise comfort in anyway - better still, no one would have any idea it was there! 

The two upper inside zipper pockets are a conveniently placed, smaller quick access design for items like cash, keys, credit cards, cell phones or a passport; the kinds of items you might need to use quickly and regularly throughout the day. Having them hidden away but also readily available at chest height is super convenient and undeniably practical, there's also absolutely no chance any prying eyes (or hands) might find them and their contents. 

Ladies Travel Hoodie

The lower "cargo" pockets are designed to provide the same level of cover for your just as valuable but less readily required items. Think tablet, travel wallet, GoPro, notebook, sunglasses, medications and more. A large opening makes it easy to fill up and access your items and built in layers give the pockets the support they need to not drag or weigh you down when full - you'll hardly notice there's anything there and neither will anyone else!

Travel Hoodie with Multiple hidden pockets

So what are you waiting for! Pick-up your ultimate travel hoodie now. Currently available in Navy with white zipper and drawstrings as pictured above and in sizes XS-XXXL. The Clever Travel Companion is developing new colors and designs now!