Pickpocketing Techniques

What Pickpockets Have Learned from Assassins and How You Can Stay Safe

What Pickpockets Have Learned from Assassins and How You Can Stay Safe

Assassins throughout history use public commotion and spectacles to their advantage. While the entertained crowd is enjoying the festivities, they slip unnoticed and hit their targets. Even public figures were assassinated in public during important events because they were simply out in the open.

Pickpockets certainly learned a thing or two from assassins, which is why the next tactic is one we like to call The Young Assassin. Their diversion tactics are usually over the top because it can give them the highest yield or basically leave a target completely off guard.

The Assassin at Work

Assassin pickpockets use the lure of young street performers. When a crowd gathers around a particularly entertaining performance, pickpockets get busy lifting wallets, pieces of jewelry, watches, and phones from spectators. The performers may or may not be accomplices to the pickpockets.

Some pickpockets will bring the performance to you. Their accomplices that play the part of child or teenage performers will surround you in the street, giving you no easy way out. Some performers may even pick a spectator from the crowd to take part in their performance. A multi-tasking pickpocket sometimes is the performer themselves.

Protecting Yourself from the Assassin

What can you do to avoid losing your valuables in situations like these? Prevention is the key.

  • Movements made against bags often go unnoticed. Keep your bag as close to your body as possible and make sure to keep every opening closed and secure.
  • Do not keep all your money in one place. You can stash them in pickpocket proof gear containing secret pockets. For instance, you can wear this scarf? while traveling to keep your hands free and your mind at ease.
  • If traveling with someone, keep your bags facing each other or watch each other’s belongings as much as you can.
  • Wear traveler-friendly clothing lined with secret pockets that are hard to open. The Clever Travel Companion carries the most comfortable and durable 100% pickpocket proof clothes. You can choose from a variety of shirts and dresses, windbreakers, underwear and leggings, or a scarf.
  • Politely decline from participating in street performances and avoid watching from a crowded view. Choose a less crowded position or come back later when there are fewer people.
  • When street performances are unavoidable, make a mental note of your possessions. Keep your arms and hands as close to your body or your bag as possible without being obvious.
  • Keep calm when traveling. A nervous traveler usually has too much on their mind and cannot focus on their surroundings. A relaxed traveler, however, can easily notice small details and can easily feel slight touches made against them.

The Clever Travel Companion

Most travelers, with no option but to move hands-free, find it difficult to guard their valuables. That is why we, at the Clever Travel Companion, expanded our collection from underwear with secret pockets to clothes that are smartly lined with secret compartments. The designs are so simple and neat to avoid calling attention to the wearer. No one but the wearer would know what they are carrying. If you want to check out which clothes best suit your needs and lifestyle, check the shop now. 

The Slash, Grab and Run: How to Outsmart Street Thieves

The Slash, Grab and Run: How to Outsmart Street Thieves

Have you ever lost a wallet to a thief while traveling? Although most pickpocketing schemes aren’t serious crimes, losing valuables like your credit cards or passport when you’re in a foreign country can be devastating. If you aren’t careful enough, you’ll have to look for alternative ways to access cash.

An unfortunate encounter with a pickpocket can ruin your vacation. The best thing you can do to prevent that from happening is to protect yourself from these petty criminals. Learn about common schemes and arm yourself with pickpocket-proof gear.

Breaking Down the Slash, Grab, and Run Scheme

Some pickpockets prefer to be discreet. They slip their hand in your bag, grab your wallet, and move on to the next victim. Others go to certain lengths to keep their targets distracted, making it easier for a partner to slip their hand inside your bag without you noticing.

There are also thieves who don’t bother to be stealthy at all. They slash bags using a knife, grab your valuables quickly, and run. At times, these petty thieves steal entire travel bags like fanny packs and purses. Pickpockets cut the straps to ensure you don’t have time to fight back.

Often, slash-and-grab scheme s are quite serious, especially when motorcycles are involved. They can cut your bag’s straps, easily get their hands on your valuables, and flee the scene in mere minutes.

Bag slashing might not be the most common pickpocketing scheme, but you still have to take necessary precautions to prevent it from happening.

How to Pickpocket-Proof Yourself

Protecting yourself from petty criminals isn’t as hard as it seems. Here are some precautions you need to remember to reduce the chances of getting pickpocketed:

 1. Avoid fanny packs

 Many assume that a fanny pack is a safe place where you can store your valuables—but it’s not. Thieves can easily slash its strap and get away with your money or travel documents.

 2. Use a money belt

 Walk the streets with more confidence by stashing your cash and cards in money belts. These anti-theft accessories have a small, zippered pouch which holds your valuables. This pouch can easily be concealed, and they are also easy to access when you need something.

 3. Get an anti-theft travel backpack

 Pickpockets love to target people with backpacks. That’s because it is harder for the wearer to tell if someone’s slipped their hand into the bag to steal your valuables. You can use shoulder or messenger bags instead. However, if you prefer backpacks and aren’t comfortable with other kinds, you can upgrade it to a theft-proof bag with anti-slash material and hidden pockets.

Don’t assume that thieves are all sketchy looking men. Many of them pretend to be a person with a disability or a volunteer for a charity organization, so never let your guard down. Never give them an opportunity to strike. Always be on the alert, and store your valuables in anti-theft accessories like the Clever Travel Companion to outsmart the thieves.

Recognizing the Pickpocket’s Sandwich Technique and Tips to Avoid It

Recognizing the Pickpocket’s Sandwich Technique and Tips to Avoid It

Imagine yourself receiving your first paycheck. After paying your bills and hitting the supermarket, you find yourself with a few hundred dollars you can freely spend on yourself. Should you go to the mall to check out that phone you want?

Today is a great day at the mall since there’s not much of a crowd. You walk towards the escalator, following a pretty woman with long, flowing hair. Just before the escalator steps, the lady’s phone rings and she suddenly stops. Unable to stop in time, you bump into the woman, and the next thing you know, a man behind you bumps into you as well.

Now you are trapped between two people, all of you trying to move to get to the escalator. The lady offers an embarrassed apology to you and the man, and she starts climbing the steps of the escalator in a hurry. You shrug it off and step onto the escalator with no worries. No harm, no foul.

Half an hour passes by, and in a moment of panic, you realize that your pocket is empty. Maybe you slipped your wallet in another pocket? Okay, so you check everywhere and you even try checking the floor around you. Your wallet is nowhere to be found!

“The Sandwich” Pickpocketing Technique

You try to retrace your steps. You even consider trying the Lost and Found kiosk. But you will never find your wallet because what you do not know is that you have just been “sandwiched.”

Pickpockets use techniques like the sandwich because it’s easier to steal when there’s more than one pickpocket in operation. The target has at least two people working against them. A distraction will be standing in front of them to stall them while the pickpocket works their magic fingers to get to the target’s valuables. Sandwiched in between two seemingly innocent people, the target has no idea that they’re actually the victim of a theft until it’s too late.

How Do You Protect Yourself Against Pickpockets? 

You should be vigilant about your surroundings and avoid unnecessary interaction with strangers. Pickpockets don’t always look suspicious, and the distraction may even look innocent or attractive. Also, if nothing is urgent, do not be in a hurry. This way, you can avoid bumping into others.

Avoid checking on your valuables when in public. This is like advertising where you keep the goods. If you carry a bag or purse, keep it in front of you or hold your backpack low and near your legs. Keep your money close, preferably in a hidden pocket.

It is smart to wear comfortable clothing that is multi functional. Clothes that keep you comfortable do not distract you from your immediate surroundings. Clothes and underwear that have secret pockets, hard-to-reach pockets, and buttoned or zippered pockets are ideal for storing valuables.

The Clever Travel Companion, the only 100% pickpocket-proof clothing line, offers affordable clothes that you can wear for any activity. Whether you are traveling abroad, going to the mall, or just commuting to work, each item gives you peace of mind and security.

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