Pickpocketing Techniques

  • Pickpocketing Techniques

3 Common Tourist Scams Involving Seemingly Innocent Strangers (and How to Avoid Them)

Anywhere in the world, there’s no shortage of pickpockets and petty criminals who won’t hesitate to take your valuables away from you. Especially in world-class cities, you’re bound to encounter this folk. Law enforcement officers are often very lax when it comes to these crimes, which gives them more opportunity to prey on innocent bystanders. So, travelers and locals alike are expected to take extra precautions to prevent these unfortunate...

The Bottleneck

Most pickpockets work in teams. Be wary when in crowded areas, keep your passport close and keep it safe.

ATM Schemes: How to Keep Your Money Safe from Pickpockets

Not all pickpockets like to hang around crowded tourist attractions. Some of them like to pick easy targets at ATMs, where people are vulnerable. Pickpockets might be a crafty bunch, but you can outsmart them by being aware of their tactics and by using anti-theft proof gear.  How the Schemes Work Aside from card skimming, pickpocketing is a common crime around ATM areas. These street thieves know you have money....