Bump-and-Lift Pickpockets and Clothes That Outsmart Them

Bump-and-Lift Pickpockets and Clothes That Outsmart Them

Picking pockets never got anyone rich but that doesn’t mean it stops a thief. A phone, a piece of jewelry or a few banknotes will keep a pickpocket’s tummy filled for the next couple of days until the next wallet is picked. This is why tourists who think that carrying as little cash as possible are still surprised when they still lose a couple of dollars. An even bigger problem is when they find out that all their IDs, passport, and credit cards were taken from them.

The “bump-and-lift” is the most common method of pickpockets working alone. Even a regular traveler is aware of this method, but strangers bumping into you is unavoidable. Pickpockets are observant creatures and usually look for people with open bags or wallets and phones jutting out of pockets.

Over time, pickpockets have learned to create variations to the technique. Some pickpockets will carry food or drinks with them and purposely pour it on you when they bump into you. Others will try to knock off the things you’re carrying so that they spill to the ground. Anything that makes a better and longer diversion is welcome. As you’re trying to get your composure back, one of their hands has already reached into your pocket or picked a piece of jewelry from you.

Guard Against the Bump with Smart Clothing

Even supermarkets and cinemas, environments which used to be relaxing, are now places where you can get your belongings taken away from you. Check out multifunctional pieces from Clever Travel Companions, dubbed as the 100% pickpocket-proof clothing, to wear to your favorite hangout place and still be safe from fast fingers.

Travel Scarf

This unique travel scarf comes with two hidden pockets protected by metal zippers. The design is practical, black-and-white stripes or plain black, which camouflage the shape of a palm-sized phone and a passport in its pockets. No one going through your jeans will ever know what you hide near your neck.

Unisex Hoodie

Our unisex hoodie is available in navy or gray and in five different sizes. It has four zippered pockets inside both of the jacket flaps, which is perfect for hiding money, change, documents, and your phone. You can wear this to a crowded party or your early morning jog and not drop or lose a single penny.

Women’s V-Neck Fitted T-Shirt

You don’t have to worry about wearing fitted tees giving away your shape and the location of your valuables. This fitted t-shirt has two secret zippered side pockets that are easily covered by your arms. They’re hard to reach and unzip from the front or from behind. Wear it anywhere you like in the color you want. These shirts are easy to wash and hold their shape magnificently. Also available for men.

The Clever Travel Companion carries other travel wear staples that fit your physique and style. Whether you carry a bag or leave it at home, you can stop worrying about becoming a pickpocket’s target.

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