Headphones, a Secret Pickpockets Don’t Want Travelers to Know About

Headphones, a Secret Pickpockets Don’t Want Travelers to Know About

Travelers often have to navigate real-life scams. From bogus cruise trips to fake petitions, petty criminals will stop at nothing to get their way. If you aren’t careful, it’s quite easy to fall victim to their schemes.

No matter where you are in the world, you can attract the attention of sketchy individuals who prey on tourists for a living. Pick-pocketing, for instance, is a rampant problem in tourist destinations. The schemes may vary, but there are a few common tricks that can help you prevent them.

Here, you will learn how pickpockets operate and how you can protect yourself.

How Pickpockets Choose their Victims

Pickpockets don't always look like the sketchy individuals people expect them to be. That's why most travelers don't see them coming. They might look like a friendly stranger who can help you navigate your way around a foreign city. Sometimes they even go to certain lengths to pretend to be charity workers.

Whatever their disguise may be, these street thieves choose their victims in the same manner. For starters, anyone who appears to be distracted is a likely target.

People who wear their headphones while traveling are especially easy targets. The headphones suggest that you have a smartphone on you. Since you're distracted by your music, you also most likely won't notice when they make a move.

This scheme is frequent around transportation hubs, where people are busy looking for their ticket or their money. Pickpockets would carefully unplug the headphones, grab your phone, and make a run for it.

How to Avoid Pickpockets and Prevent Pickpocketing

Here are three simple ways to avoid pickpockets and prevent pickpocketing

  1. Don't wear your headphones

Never travel around crowded areas with headphones on. You have to be aware of the environment, especially if it's a crowded space. Although you might not be able to spot a thief in a crowd, be aware when someone is pressing up against you. They may be trying to steal your valuables.

  2 .  Put on pickpocket-proof clothing

Thieves can't steal your smartphone if they don't know where you've stashed it. A lot of people think that keeping valuables in the inside pockets of your jacket or the front pockets of your jeans make them harder for pickpockets to access, but for a pro, these won't matter. You can instead use pickpocket-proof travel gear to store your valuables. Money belts, anti-theft underwear, and shirts with hidden zippered pockets are only a few examples.

 3.  Be confident

Walk with confidence, or at least, pretend to. Pickpockets will target people whom they think are weak. Be aware of where you are and where you're headed to. 

Even the most experienced travelers have occasional encounters with shady individuals. Still, you can try to avoid running into trouble by being aware of common pickpocket schemes in the city you're headed to. If you do get marked as a target, keeping your valuables inside anti-theft clothes like Clever Travel Companion gear can prevent pickpockets from stealing your valuables.

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