Video testimonials

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Chris Raney from Yellow Productions 

"The sheer amount of valuables this laid back, comfortable but practical utility jacket can keep safe and hidden away is truly epic! Say goodbye to carry on luggage, you can now fit everything safely in your hoodie!"

Psycho Traveller

"The leggings are, by far girls, the BEST THING EVER. I will wear these leggings, to death!"

The Travel Couple

"Any time I wear their products, I don't need to carry a purse because I can fit anything I need in these pockets"

Arnie and Jo On The Go!

"I can think of few things that will ruin a vacation faster than having your pockets picked! These garments by Clever Travel Companion make that a whole lot less likely to happen."


Jessica Neistadt

"Nobody would ever know that your passport is right here, its nice and safe, the zipper is so well hidden."


"Check out the pickpocket proof Clever Travel Companion shirt"


BBC World News Review

Skip to 2:30 and you'll hear Tommy Sandhu tell you about the Clever Travel Companion range of products.

 Clever Travel Companion BBC World News Review

Princess review of the Clever Travel Companion gear!

Grrrl Traveler Review