5 business travel hacks for surviving a long flight

5 business travel hacks for surviving a long flight

While we all love visiting exotic destinations and exciting locations, very few people enjoy the time spent travelling from A-B. This is especially true for air travel when space can be cramped, and the journey can be long, depending upon your destination. Travelling for business makes the process doubly difficult; after all, it’s unlikely you’ll be enjoying yourself when you arrive either. But business travel is becoming increasingly commonplace – and it’s expected to grow by another 7.1% by 2022, as Groupon report. But when it comes to those necessary trips, these hacks might help make that journey a little more bearable:


1. Reduce your travel luggage

One of the most significant issues with travelling for business is knowing what to take. But if you can reduce your luggage down to something compact and more manageable, you’ll have a far easier time when travelling. Hubspot suggests only sticking to comfortable clothes for business travel, especially shoes – you never know quite how far you will be walking. This is especially applicable for travel to conferences.


2. Wear clothing that’s comfortable and suitable

It’s all very well packing your most comfortable suits in your luggage, but if you’re going straight to your hotel from your flight, then there’s no need to be in formal attire. Even for business travel, swapping into jeans or even sweats can help make a long-haul flight a little easier. Even if you do have to travel straight from your trip for business purposes, there’s generally time to get changed in a restroom when you arrive.


3. Upgrade your travel to business or first class if possible

There’s nothing worse than being crammed into economy when you know you’ve got busy days ahead of you. If you can possibly splash the cash to upgrade, then you’ll have a far more comfortable flight. Not to mention, more space to sleep or work as needed. Even choosing a seat that has more legroom can help, according to Amex, allowing you more space to feel fresh the following day.


4. Scan documents instead of carrying extra paperwork

In the modern-day, there’s no need to be carrying sheaves of paperwork and information with you. Instead, scan anything you need into your laptop or your phone, and anything that needs to be printed can be done so on the other side. This also prevents issues with paperwork and information being lost and ensures you always have a backup when you need it. That’s thinking smart when it comes to long-distance travel, where anything can go wrong with your luggage.


5. Invite your business partners to come to you

Are you travelling for a meeting? The best hack for business travel is to not travel at all – and get your business partners or clients to come to you! Save time and invite your guests to enjoy your country has to offer, perhaps extending their visit over the weekend to allow them to see a little more. Travelling is never pleasant, but with these tips and tricks, we hope you can get where you’re going with a little less fuss. What are your top hacks for business travel when it comes to surviving those long killer flights?
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