6 reasons Australia should be top of your bucket list

6 reasons Australia should be top of your bucket list

 Sunshine, great food, and a super relaxed lifestyle, Australia is one of the best countries in the world, and there are unlimited reasons as to why millions flock to its shores every year.

If you’re heading there soon, or just want some travel inspiration for your next trip, here’s 6 very good reasons as to why Australia should be top of your bucket list.

 The Great Barrier Reef

As the largest eco-system in the world, the Great Barrier Reef stretches along the east of the country and is simply one of the most stunning sights you’ve ever seen.

One of the 7 natural wonders of the world, it’s wildlife is colourful and enchanting, and its surrounding waters crystal clear. Snorkel your way around the bright coral and fish, just don’t forget to pack that underwater camera!

Beach Life

Australia has over 50,000km of coastline; one of the main reasons why it’s so renowned for its surfing (as Ben Groundwater likes to point out!). Plus, over 90% of the population live on the coast, so it must be good!

Australis’s beaches are clean, large, and very picturesque. Beaches that boarder the big cities are usually the busiest, so if you prefer finding hidden gems, head up (or down) the coast to find more off the beaten track coves. Here, you can bring a picnic, sunbathe, surf, paddle, do whatever takes your fancy all day long.


Or even, all major cities in general. Each is substantially different from the other, but Sydney is a cut above the rest.

Experience the best Oz has to offer in city life - chill out in the Chinese Gardens, party with the locals at King’s Cross, or head to Bondi for a day-drinking session on the beach. If it’s cute shops and restaurants you’re after, head to Darling Harbour. There’s so much to see and do, it’s hard to fit into one trip!


And speaking of great cities, we think Perth is definitely one to add to the agenda.

Situated on the West Coast, Perth offers beautiful beachy suburbs, stunning city views, plenty of shops, and tons of cultural things to see and do. Make like the locals and head to Northbridge to soak up the local atmosphere in various bars, or take advantage of the wonderful sunshine by swimming in the Indian Ocean at Cottesloe Beach.

The vineyards

With over 60 separate wine regions, Australia may well be one of the most underrated countries in the wine world.

From Hunter Valley to Barossa Valley, spend the day touring the local vineyards, sampling the best in crisp whites and deep reds. Many vineyards offer really fun tours, which usually include food, too (much-needed with all that vino!).

The Outback

With tones of deep orange, red and yellow glowing with heat, the Outback is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Although there’s not much there, it’s worth a trip just to see Uluru (Ayres Rock), in all its glory. This sacred site is meant to have formed over 500 million years ago, so take a trip out there (preferably with a group), and if you’re feeling extra bougie, organise to camp out there and indulge in a spot of stargazing, too.

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