What are the Best Cities to Visit for Fans of Gaming and Entertainment?

Playing games and watching movies at home is an enjoyable experience, but actually going to the places where the entertainment originated can be amazing and immersive. Some of the world’s major cities are made even better thanks to the fact that they have played pivotal roles in some of the best games, TV series, and films ever created. Whether your choice of leisure activity involves building intricate settings using Lego or sneaking around the streets of Paris completing dangerous and daring missions, going to the original locations of the games is incredible. Here are some of the top spots to visit for fans of gaming and entertainment.

Billund – Lego

The Lego Group is responsible for one of the most legendary toys ever created. Lego is famous all over the world, and in 2015 was named by Brand Finance as the World’s Most Powerful Brand. The colorful interlocking plastic bricks began in 1949, and have given millions the opportunity to build houses, vehicles, and settings. The toys have led to various movies, TV shows, games, and even six Legoland amusement parks.

The massive company was conceived in Billund, Denmark, where it began in the workshop of carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen. The Danish town is home to the original theme park, which is one of the most popular entertainment destinations in the world. For Lego lovers, a visit is an absolute must.

London – Harry Potter

Harry Potter is the biggest franchise of a generation, and the series of novels written by J.K. Rowling has gone on to span eight blockbuster movies, along with numerous games and other merchandise. The fantasy story became so huge that the English author is one of the richest people on the planet and the first-ever writer to breach the $1 billion mark in terms of earnings. A lot of the story of the young wizard takes place in fictional locations like Hogwarts, but later on spans major real-world locations like London.

The English capital is home to Harry Potter’s London, a sightseeing tour which takes tourists around major locations involved with the books and films. This includes a Warner Bros. Studio tour, a trip to the reptile house at London Zoo where Potter first speaks Parseltongue, and a visit to Tower Bridge, which featured in The Order of the Phoenix. There is also the Harry Potter shop which sells various souvenirs based on the magical adventure. Going with a company like this can be a good way to stay safe in the city.

Dubrovnik – Game of Thrones 

Game of Thrones is one of the most successful TV series of all time, and each episode is watched by over 17 million people. The franchise has branched out into board games, iGaming, and console offerings, and there are now so many ways to get a Game of Thrones experience aside from watching the HBO show. One thing high up on the agenda of many fans is to visit some of the stunning locations which were used for filming. Dubrovnik in Croatia is known for being the setting used for Kings Landing and Qarth. Parts of the stunning coastal spot were used for Rian Johnson’s 2017 offering Star Wars: The Last Jedi as well. The Adriatic Sea-situated city is at risk of overcrowding, and over 4.2 million people visited in 2018. For this reason, the government has had to put some restrictions on tourism.

Atlantic City – Blackjack


While Las Vegas may be the USA’s most famous gambling spot thanks to Hollywood, there are other places which are just as good for lovers of high-octane games. In fact, Atlantic City is the fourth-biggest gambling city in the world by revenue. The New Jersey-based city is on the coast, so as well as spending time in the plethora of casinos, holidaymakers can relax on the beach and top up their tans. One of the most popular games in the American city is blackjack, which has been played across the country since 1931. According to the Betway online blackjack guide, Atlantic City even has its own variant of the classic card game.

Paris – Assassin’s Creed Unity


The long-running Assassin’s Creed franchise has spanned numerous time periods and countries, and is one of the most epic console series ever created. Ubisoft focused on the French Revolution in Assassin’s Creed Unity, and the game was praised for its visuals and representation of Paris. The 2014 title allows players to explore the streets and major landmarks of the French capital, while completing stealth missions to take out various targets. Being able to walk the same path in real life as in the game gives some players a real buzz, but it is always important to be weary of pickpockets in busy cities like this. For fans of other instalments in the series, other places that have appeared in the game include the Great Wall of China in Assassin’s Creed Chronicles and London in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

The fact that these cities have become so widely associated with famous games and entertainment makes them top spots to visit. Seeing the real life locations which have inspired iconic games and movies can add to the overall enjoyment of them.

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