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Ex Special Forces Soldier gives advice on how to avoid pickpockets and stay safe during terrorist attacks

In the below video and ex SAS member gives advice to a tvnz correspondent on the best ways to avoid pickpockets and stay safe during a terrorist attack. He's got some great tips and advice to share! 

How to stay safe as a solo female traveller

PLAN, PLAN, PLAN You might be a spontaneous traveller, but when going solo, you should book at least your first night of accommodation before arrival. One tip when choosing a hotel is opting for a centrally located one. This way, you will not stand out as much, and you will also have a chance to mingle with other travellers. Also, try to time your trip in such a way that...

What do you do if your luggage is lost, delayed or damaged?

If your luggage is delayed, goes missing or gets damaged on a flight, what sort of compensation are you entitled to? The Montreal Convention makes airlines responsible for the bags they allow you to check in, although their liability is limited to only around $1,500 per passenger. Act immediately  Airlines are more likely to accept responsibility for missing or damaged luggage if you report the problem straightaway. Before leaving the...