Going to exotic Asia?

The Asian continent boasts exquisite cuisine, some of the best beaches and dive spots, and the most modern architecture in the world. The big cities are bustling with people, and rural areas can find you miles from the nearest neighbor. Asia is a place of extremes - the tallest mountains, the politest cultures, the spiciest foods. How can you not be entranced by the call of Asia?

But just like every other tourist destination, Asian countries have their fair share of pickpockets. Before you jet off to Japan, Vietnam, Korea, or any other Asian country don’t forget to buy your Clever Travel Companion clothes with hidden, zippered pockets. These hidden pockets are designed to be sturdy and not obvious to others. They are so comfortable to wear and give you peace of mind while traveling.

A quick note before we get into the crime statistics. China does not keep statistics on theft - what few crime statistics the Chinese government do keep (like homicide rates) are very suspect. Many renowned organizations, including the United Nations, have noted that Chinese crime statistics are not reliable and appear to be much higher than actually reported. The crime statistics reported by the Chinese government are simply misleading. For this reason, we do not include China in our ranking, though it is very likely that they should be on this list. Hong Kong, on the other hand, does keep crime statistics, including theft. You can bet that if tiny Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of China) is on the list, China probably should be on there too. We’ve even been seeing reports of Chinese pickpockets using chopsticks to take from pockets and purses. So, we know they are out there.

Top 10 Asian Countries for Pickpocket Activity (thefts per year)

  1. Japan - 541,008

  2. Bangladesh - 330,312

  3. Republic of Korea - 290,055

  4. Kazakhstan - 178,426

  5. India - 109,839

  6. Thailand - 61,663

  7. Philippines - 43,606

  8. Malaysia - 37,128

  9. Hong Kong - 33,664

  10. Indonesia - 25,036

A pickpocket in China caught on surveillance camera using chopsticks to take a cell phone from an unsuspecting person



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