Pickpockets in the Middle East? You can bet your bottom dollar on it.

If you have been keeping up with our blog, you know by now that pickpockets are everywhere. However, when tourists think of dangers that might await them in the Middle East, pickpocketing generally isn’t at the top of the list - some travelers don’t even consider it all. But believe you me, it does happen. Pickpockets have been arrested in Mecca, Saudi Arabia for stealing passports and wallets from pilgrims praying at the Grand Mosque. In Egypt, a pickpocket was arrested for stealing from worshippers at the Prophet’s Mosque. Pickpockets are also very common in the crowded markets known as souks. Take a look at our ranking of the worst ten countries for pickpockets in the Middle East below. Please note that Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and Yemen do not report crime statistics for the public to view. There is a good chance that these four countries should be included on this list, but the data simply is not available.

Top 10 Middle Eastern Countries for Pickpocket Crimes (thefts per year)

  1. Turkey - 120,731

  2. Egypt - 87,129

  3. Israel - 70,809

  4. United Arab Emirates - 14,984

  5. Jordan - 13,509

  6. Georgia - 11,371

  7. Kuwait - 8,129

  8. Bahrain - 7,598

  9. Syria - 6,509

  10. Oman - 5,515

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