The Clever Travel Companion Updates

  • The Clever Travel Companion Updates

We Win! #1 of 20!

USA Today has announced its winners for the "10 Best Gift for Adventurers" competition and of the 20 entrants, placed #1 was The Clever Travel Companion's travel safety clothing range! We are delighted to have been selected for this award and would of course like to thank everyone who voted! Thank you so much.

Going to exotic Asia?

The Asian continent boasts exquisite cuisine, some of the best beaches and dive spots, and the most modern architecture in the world. The big cities are bustling with people, and rural areas can find you miles from the nearest neighbor. Asia is a place of extremes - the tallest mountains, the politest cultures, the spiciest foods. How can you not be entranced by the call of Asia? But just like...

USA Today Readers' Best: The Clever Travel Companion

Dear fellow travelers! How exciting is this?! The Clever Travel Companion has been nominated for the best gift for adventurers. Please help us out and vote for the Clever Travel Companion for the coveted title of the best travel gear at USAToday's10 Best Readers' Choice: "Whether your adventures take you into the national parks of North America or exotic villages on the far side of the globe, good gear can make or...