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The Ultimate Guide To Keeping Your Money Safe Abroad August 29 2018, 1 Comment

There are countless factors and possibilities to be considered when planning spending and money security for your vacations. The below infographic put together by the UK's Sainsbury's bank is an awesome resource for breaking down each consideration and making sure you and your money stay safe whilst abroad. What it doesn't consider though is Clever Travel Companion's pickpocket proof clothing, which ALWAYS reduces the risk of pickpocketing, loss and theft of cash or other valuables by a cool 100%. Check it out!

Keeping money safe abroad


How To Budget For Your Next Big Trip December 11 2017, 0 Comments

72% of millennials value experience
 over material possessions. Business thought leaders coined the term “experience economy” to capture this value system. If you’re someone who spends more on experiences than possessions, you’re probably more interested in budgeting for your next trip abroad than for a house or car. Here’s how you can budget for your next big trip.

Brush Up Your Organizational Skills

Steph Jagger, who traveled around the globe and skied more than 4 million vertical feet, has some insight into what it takes to plan a dream-come-true trip. These kinds of trips take significant organizational effort. If you don’t organize first, you’ll end up pouring money down the drain at some point or another along your journey.

How are your organizational skills? It’s time to take them to the next level. Steph Jagger, who managed to save 31,000 dollars and take a year off from work to pursue her dream, planned her trip down to the nitty-gritty details -- even the weight of her toothbrush. Take a page out of Jagger’s book and channel all of your excitement for your trip into organizing.

As you organize, aim at creating a stable itinerary for your trip, as well as nailing down the most expensive items. Then estimate the amount you will need for the things you can’t plan for accurately. Tack on money for unexpected costs and emergency situations. Next, divide the total by the number of months you have until your big trip. This is how much you need to save each month.

If the number seems unattainable, reconsider your costs. Research ways to cut travel costs, and work with your budget until you reach a number that is realistic.

Work Hard Beforehand

Consider taking on a second job while you save for your trip. Not only will you be able to put aside extra cash, but you will also be using up a chunk of your leisure time, which can create even more savings. One travel expert at the “Travel Latina” puts it this way, “(A side job is) also a great way to keep yourself from having the time to go shopping or to go out drinking with friends”.

A Word On Debt

When you work hard beforehand and accumulate a portion of the money you will need for your trip, you will be less likely to slide down the slippery slope of credit card debt. If you do need to put some of your trip expenses on credit cards, commit to a plan that will allow you to pay off the cards responsibly. 

Look for cards that have a deferred interest plan, which will give you a window of time for paying off the debt before interest rates kick in. Create an automated deduction from your weekly or monthly income, which you can comfortably put towards car payments once you return from your trip.

Now that you know how to budget for your next big trip, let the dreaming begin! Researchers have found that the mere act of planning out a trip increases happiness. Enjoy planning your trip, down to the minute detail. Figure out how much you need to set aside each month. If you can’t save up enough beforehand, use credit cards wisely.

The Top European Destinations to Travel Solo November 08 2017, 0 Comments

Although travelling by yourself is not always the most appealing plan, depending on where you’re headed, it might turn out to be a once in a lifetime experience. Given that it’s hard to match your schedule with that of your potential travel companions, sometimes, you might have to take matters into your own hands and go solo, which could be daunting. But if you have done it before, you will agree that there is something both challenging and stimulating about setting out on an adventure by yourself. However, some places are better to visit alone than others, which is why we have compiled some of the best destinations for you, particularly if you’re in Europe. It's always ideal to make sure you bring the best travel gear with you, for safety, comfort and practicality. See more here

At the top of our list is Berlin, the multifaceted German capital. With a vibrant nightlife and infinite culture on, you’ll be entertained here all day and might even end up making friends during your stay, as it is a popular destination for solo travelers. From museums to landmarks and everything in between including parks, record stores, vintage markets, international gastronomy, unbeatable nightclubs and concerts, Berlin is also an affordable and safe city, which are two fundamental elements that make it a great choice if you’re planning a solo trip. No matter how long you stay, you’re likely to enjoy the experience by yourself as you’ll be able to visit the places that interest you the most without having to compromise. It's also a great walking city so make sure you go prepared! See more

Another large capital we must add to our list is London. In spite of being a large city, London is very well connected with trains and underground services, meaning you can stay right outside the center if you want to spend less and still be able to get to the main attractions quite easily. With so many places to visit and an unstoppable entertainment agenda that includes everything from music festivals and jam sessions to mental sports tournaments and horse races, London is open 24/7 and will offer you pretty much anything you’re looking for. Although it is less affordable than Berlin, you will not find it hard to spot a quality, comfortable hostel and an inexpensive, refreshing pint, which is a great choice to end your day, especially by the riverside and accompanied by a good book.

Our third choice is also a capital city that is famous for having friendly and sociable residents as well as great beer, fantastic transportation, delicious food, lovely weather and magnificent museums. Madrid, rated the best city in Europe for living abroad, has become an increasingly popular city in Europe over the years without reaching the extreme levels of tourism that Barcelona is now trying to control, this Spanish city offers a genuine experience to its visitors. Safe and affordable, its accommodation offers have also increased, which complements the fact that it’s a city in which you can find something to do every day of the week, so you’re likely to fall in love with its energy and never feel lonely while being surrounded by welcoming Madrilenians. Between museums, the fantastic Buen Retiro Park and the infinite choices of bars, you’ll be well entertained during your stay and will possibly end up chatting with the locals, which means you might even learn a few words in Spanish to further enrich your travel experience.

There are many other destinations in Europe to visit by yourself that are equally amusing, safe and stimulating like Porto, Copenhagen, Bilbao, Turin, Hamburg and Stockholm. However, if we had to recommend places to travel solo as many times as you want, we would insist on Berlin, London and Madrid as they are all interesting and ever-changing locations that never fail to welcome visitors. And, with their cosmopolitan atmospheres, you’ll feel like you are a part of the cities when you visit them.