The Ultimate Guide To Keeping Your Money Safe Abroad

There are countless factors and possibilities to be considered when planning spending and money security for your vacations. The below infographic put together by the UK's Sainsbury's bank is an awesome resource for breaking down each consideration and making sure you and your money stay safe whilst abroad. What it doesn't consider though is Clever Travel Companion's pickpocket proof clothing, which ALWAYS reduces the risk of pickpocketing, loss and theft of cash or other valuables by a cool 100%. Check it out!

Keeping money safe abroad


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My son had a new problem this year that I have never heard of. He took money out of an ATM at his resort in Mexico. He received his money in pesos but it withdrew it out of his account in CAD dollars. Which of course was a much higher value than the pesos. They eventually got their money back from their bank……but it took over four months to receive it all. Is this common and how can a person prevent? I had never heard of it.

Kathy Noel

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