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  • The Clever Travel Companion Updates

Useful Ways to Spend Downtime While Travelling

After intensive sightseeing, walking and blogging, you may feel tired and need some time off. While travelling is ultimately exciting, it is also exhausting more often than not. The good news is – you can still spend your time in useful ways, even while resting during or between trips. Here is how to make use of your downtime and get new impressions while actually having rest. Top 7 Things To...

Taking a road trip through the United States or Canada?

The North American open road… there is nothing quite like it. Eating fresh watermelon from a fruit stand in the countryside, exploring little antique shops, hunting through college town bookstores, and touring national monuments. The views in North America are magnificent, and people are welcoming everywhere you go. To see it all is the dream of many a traveler, and my oh my is there much to see! Why not...