Useful Ways to Spend Downtime While Travelling

After intensive sightseeing, walking and blogging, you may feel tired and need some time off. While travelling is ultimately exciting, it is also exhausting more often than not. The good news is – you can still spend your time in useful ways, even while resting during or between trips. Here is how to make use of your downtime and get new impressions while actually having rest.

Top 7 Things To Fill Your Downtime

1. Talk to locals.

On a day you are not doing anything in particular, you can walk out of your hotel room and visit the nearest bar, coffee shop or park, and engage in a conversation with locals. It is surprising how much you can learn by just talking: you can start picking up on the local language, get to know real-life stories which are never told in travel magazines, and get tips for the best local restaurants and spots that only the locals go to.

2. Reconnect with friends.

Writing cards seems old school and sentimental, but this is what makes it unique in today’s digitalized world. Use your time off to write a few locally purchased cards with beautiful views or letters to your friends and loved ones and send them by regular post. People will be both happy and surprised to receive them, even if that happens in two weeks. Alternatively, you can use other means of communication, like Skype or messages, to talk to those you care about and miss.  

3. Do yoga or work out outside.

Physical exercise is always a good way to reboot your body and restart your brain after intense travelling experiences. Doing it in a nice local park will add to your positive trip impressions, help you relax and change scenery.

4. Explore your hotel.

If you are too tired to go outside, you can explore what your hotel has to offer: there may be some interesting discounts for spa sessions, a bar with a picturesque view or a hotel history museum. Whatever there is, chances are you will find something interesting for yourself.

5. Shop for souvenirs.

A quiet time in small shops can help you relax and take care of something to bring to your loved ones when you’re back. If you limit the area that you want to shop in, you will not get too tired.

6. Enjoy local food.

A good way to relax is to explore the nearby eateries for some local specialties you’ve never tried before – a mini gastro tour around your area. You can spend a day strolling from one restaurant to another, trying out small portions of local dishes and drinks.

7. Read.

Reading can be both relaxing and informative, depending on what you opt for. It could be books on local history and culture, news of your hometown, a romance novel or Freebaccarat info – anything that would help you relax and decompress after intense travelling experiences. You could also dedicate some time to sorting out your emails or updating on your business at home, if you feel like working.

Overall, spending downtime while you are travelling can be as exciting and useful as the travelling itself. So, try to spend every moment of it enjoying yourself and the life around you.

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