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The RFID Myth Exposed February 22 2017, 0 Comments

So a few weeks back, The Clever Travel Companion posted a blog article on the reason it doesn't offer RFID products or technology. You can read more on our blog, but to summarize, the reasons we don't advocate RFID tech is that simply put, it's an expensive marketing gimmick. A gimmick that requires hysteria in order to gain momentum but by doing so, takes focus away from the real problems.

Sure RFID has it's uses; if you're one of the few with a wireless capable credit card, then you'd better hope you don't run into an incredibly sophisticated hacker who just happens to be in public with his equipment preying on unsuspecting members of the general populous during his time away from say, preventing government cyber attacks or hacking Yahoo or Bitcoin. It's enough of a chance to spend $120 on a new wallet right? Besides, there's skepticism out there that all wallets work and if you are to be "electronically pickpocketed", your bank will protect you and return the funds in most cases. If you are physically pickpocketed, its a very different proposal.


Vicky's Story: Vicky from the UK (pictured above) placed her order of Ladies underwear and 2 pocket tank tops with Clever Travel Companion before her round the world trip in 2016. She'd prepared as much as possible, buying into the RFID hype too. Recently Vicky got in touch with us to let us know how things went: "I knew the chances of an RFID 'hack' would be low but having a few wireless payment cards, I didn't mind spending out for the added protection just to be double sure nothing could happen, so I bought an RFID purse and kept it in my bag as it was pretty bulky. My main cards, my cash, ID and passport stayed in either a pair of my underwear or one of the tanks I had bought. One day, whilst riding a tram in Barcelona I noticed a gentle tug on my bag but when I turned around there was nobody there so I thought nothing of it but when I checked my bag, the whole RFID purse had been stolen. I was absolutely gutted and felt very stupid until I realized that all the important valuables were still very much in my possession and safe and sound - that I can put down to Clever Travel Companion. If it wasn't for the tank I was wearing that day, my whole trip would have come to a very disappointing end"


Vicky's story is just one of the many we hear from our customers. The reason we exist after all is because of this exact scenario - pickpocketing. It's happened to us and it can happen to anyone. 

The Clever Travel Companion will be creating a new page on site to host the many testimonials we receive and each one will also be used in a blog post and possibly in our Traveler's stories series of newsletters. If you have a travel story or a CTC testimonial that you'd like to tell us, we would love to hear from you! Just send Rory an email at and you'll be added to our testimonials page and could also make it into the newsletter.

Circle Scarf January 26 2017, 0 Comments

The Clever Travel Companion's new Chic Circle Scarf!

The Clever Travel Companion is very happy to be adding the new Circle Scarf to its range!

Travel Scarf with Pockets

The Circle Travel Scarf is a slightly different, unique approach to Clever Travel Companion's mission; travel safety. The scarf combines both chic fashion, safety and practicality to create the perfect travel garment for every situation. Whether you find yourself shopping in New York City, lunching in Paris, sightseeing in Milan or dodging the rain in London, maybe hitting the slopes in the Alps or trekking the Belize Rainforest or even relaxing on the beaches of Rio, the Clever Travel Companion circle scarf has got you covered both appearance wise and in practicality.

Travel Scarf with Pockets

The Scarf is a lightweight, relaxed garment suitable for both hot and cold climates. It comes with two completely invisible, concealed zipper pockets large enough for cash, credit cards, cell phones and passports. The pockets are also supported from the inside to ensure they don't feel heavy or drag the scarf when full, so you can get on with your day worry-free! 

Travel Scarf with Pockets

So what are you waiting for! You don't need us to tell you to book that city break or beach retreat, but now you can't use "what to wear?" as an excuse! Pick up your travel scarf now. 100% cotton and currently available in either Black and White stripes or solid black. You can find the dimensions on the product page here.

Hacker's Guide to Clever Travel Companion gear! April 21 2016, 2 Comments

The Clever Travel Companion's pickpocket proof gear provides all the solutions travelers need to avoid losing their valuables or becoming a target for pickpockets whilst traveling. It also would seem pretty straightforward to use and get the most out of but there's more..

1. Reversible underwear

Our women's underwear is designed to have the pockets in the front, however they fit just aswell in reverse, allowing you to have the pockets in the rear if you'd prefer to keep your valuables there!


2. Airport Security

Many people are conscious of what they wear whilst going through the airport metal detectors and rightly so with all that is going on in the world today. Fortunately for CTC wearers, you can rest safe in the knowledge that NONE of our zips will set off the alarm. That of course doesn't cover what you put into the pockets.

We recommend loading up your pockets after security as concealed goods can raise suspicion at security and result in the "special checks" which we'd all rather avoid!

3. Quick Cleaning and Drying

All of our items excluding leggings, are made from a blend of cotton, spandex and/or polyester. We strive to create the absolute best product for taking on all climates and travels. You may not know that our gear is super quick to clean and dry! All you need to do is throw your item inside out in a sink of cold or luke warm water, give it a scrub with some soap and hang it out in a dry area and you'll find it fresh and ready to wear within a few hours! 

4. Second and Third Uses

Our gear is great for keeping safe in foreign countries for sure but its also incredibly useful for working out, running, yoga, going to the gym, listening to an ipod on the move, its very helpful for diabetics who need to carry insulin pumps, asthmatics who need emergency pumps and other medical sufferers. 

5. Storage

The pockets are great for keeping your valuables on you whilst on the move, but why not use them to hide cash or goods when you're not wearing them? We all have our reservations over security deposit boxes but what thieves check t-shirts hanging in a wardrobe for example?

6. Plastic bags

If you're spending the day hiking in the jungle or trekking up mountains, put your pocket goods in a plastic or zip-lock bag to avoid humidity or perspiration getting you your valuables.

Womens Pickpocket proof t-shirt


If you have any secret uses for Clever Travel Companion's gear let us know and we'll add it to the guide!


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