Top pickpocket hotspots in Europe

Top pickpocket hotspots in Europe


The Plague of Pickpockets

Europe is a vacation destination full of wonder. Age old cities belonging to even older civilizations and unique cultures, bunched close together, continually sharing their diverse and fascinating individual features. It's no surprise that Europe is one of the hottest tourist destinations around and in being so it is also one of marauding pickpocket's most successful operating hubs. The tight, bustling cities packed with awe struck tourists make for an irresistible opportunity to those who prey on others unintended negligence.

The Clever Travel Companion has devised a watertight method for keeping safe in such areas, so with our gear, there's no need to spend your vacation worrying or avoid Europe altogether. Stay vigilant and remember the below pointers and you're sure to have a memorable European trip.



As mentioned above, take note of the areas pickpockets operate in and remain vigilant. They are communicating with one another to find the best areas and devising new methods to steal and beat tourist's latest prevention techniques just as much as travel companies are trying to come up with new ones. With Clever Travel Companion Clothing you're sure to beat them without even trying.
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