Pickpocketing and safety in Turkey

Turkey is a destination full of rich and diverse culture that makes exploration more enjoyable. There are so many attractions to see and views to take in. Being in Turkey is unlike any other region in the world and it is no surprise at all that is one of the 10 most popular tourist destinations. However, being a hotbed for tourists also makes Turkey at risk of pickpocketing. Pickpocketing is a type of petty theft that is carried out by the locals on unsuspecting tourists. Before you book your next Turkey getaway, you should become more familiar with the targets and how to stay safe when traveling.

Distractions Serve Pickpocketing

The reason that the most popular crime in Turkey is pickpocketing deals with the distraction factor. It is no shock that pickpocketers are looking for targets and tourists that are distracted by the sites. When you are taking in the amazing views that surround you, it is easy to become distracted and make a pick pocketer’s job even easier. Turkey is a place of history and legend that can captivate you with ease. However, this distraction is what locals use to make pick pocketing more unrecognizable. 

Crime in Turkey

It is important to note that there is not much violent crime taking place in Turkey that you must be fearful of. Theft is the main crime that you have to be on the lookout for. Pickpocketing is something that is common in Turkey, but Turkey is still not one of the most targeted cities in the world. Turkey is quickly rising up the list, but it is still outside the top 10 cities notorious for pickpocketing. 

Pickpocketing Safety Tips

Pickpocketing is a skill and locals that do this as a profession are incredibly good at it. The distraction tactic is what is used most often and it is designed to keep you from noticing the theft. Having your wallet in your back pocket makes you an easy target, but it is just a good idea to not carry a lot of cash with you. Keep a credit card on hand and check your pockets regularly to ensure that you notice right away in the event that it is stolen. The loss of cash is not covered by most traveler’s insurance policies, so you simply need to exercise caution and keep from being too distracted. 

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