Perfect for an insulin pump

Women's underwear with secret pocket Men's underwear with secret pocket
Underwear with secure zippered pockets
Price from $29.90


Clever Travel Companion insulin pump


We also have tank tops, t-shirts and even long johns with pockets 


Actual use of Clever Travel Companion with insulin pump 



This video was shot by Eliot LeBow LCSW, CDE from DiabeticTalks (


It is with great joy and pride that we have come to discover that our gear also helps many, many people with diabetes, by providing a safe and secure place to carry their insulin pump. Travelers that don’t want to risk losing their valuables also use our gear. The great part is that when you travel as a person with diabetes, you can have a pump in one pocket and your passport in the other when traveling. The uses for our underwear are endless and will make your everyday life a bit easier.

Here are the main reasons that our gear are perfect for carrying an insulin pump:

  • Stops the tubing from interfering with your movement
  • No more need to make holes in your clothing and pockets
  • Reduces pump droppage 
  • Protects your pump
  • Comfortable enough that you will forget you are wearing a pump
  • Get a good night's sleep without having to constantly adjust the position of your pump
  • Reduces worry
  • Regain a sense of normalcy while avoiding awkward conversations.
  • Perfect place to put your pump when wearing a dress or suit

The underwear comes in many colors (for instance: black, pink, blue, green, striped, grey, white, and more) and are made of soft, high quality materials (cotton or modal) for durability and comfort. Prices from $21.90. We always provide free shipping on any order over $75 - anywhere in the world.

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i wish you made something like this for kids. My daughter was diagnosed at 2. Now 5, we struggle with pimp placement and how to carry it even more since she’s at daycare and school.


Hello Willie,
the pockets are not on the inside of the underwear, so you would not be ‘dig down in your underwear’. The pockets are easy to access. Many people like to use our underwear and/or tops for their pumps. The goal is to have the pump (or for a travler valuables) hidden, safely, with no risk of falling out or getting lost and tangled. However, we all have different preferences, so some may like this solution, some may not! Have a great day!
Lisa/ Clever Travel Companion


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