Time for a little Spring Cleaning with a SALE! April 15 2015, 1 Comment

Announcing our super huge spring cleaning SALE!

All orders take 40% off until April 20th* 

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This spring we've done some serious spring cleaning over at Clever Travel Companion HQ. We're changing warehouse, fulfillment partner and supplier!

Why all the changes? Well, as we've grown, we've been listening to our customer feedback. Our new warehouse and fulfillment partner will let us provide better service to you, our customers. Our new warehouse will be able to grow with us and allow us to make our products available to you in stores too.

With our new supplier, we've improved the quality of our fabric and manufacturing. You told us that our sizing ran too small, so we've also updated our size charts, so the new product will run larger.

Expect to see updated size charts on our site in the coming weeks, as well as brand new product photos, shot on location, in Sydney, Australia!

In order to get all our ducks in a nice row, we're having a huge spring blow out sale of our previous stock, so that everything is nice and dandy for our new stock to arrive in store.

Happy, sunny spring everyone!

Signing in from Bangkok, Stockholm, London, Sydney, Pula, Minneapolis & Florida,
The Clever Travel Companion Team


*Code valid for 40% off all orders, not including shipping. Valid until April 20, 2015, or until sold out.