Pickpockets force the Eiffel tower to close

The Eiffel tower closed Friday, as staffers walked off the job to protest the increase in pickpocket incidents in the area. The Louvre closed in 2013 due to a similar pickpocket related protest. Is pickpocket incidence that bad? And where are you most vulnerable?

There are around 400,00 incidents of pickpocketing reported every day across the world. Popular tourist spots like Barcelona, New York and Paris are magnets for pickpockets. 33% of all travel insurance claims are for lost or stolen passports.

Prime targets are tourist attractions, train stations, and busy streets. 

The Clever Travel Companion reduces the fear of pickpocketing for travellers.  Our clothing line of  t-shirts, tanks and underwear feature hidden, zippered pockets. To the casual observer, it’s impossible to tell where you're hiding your valuables. Allowing you to travel with a higher sense of safety and peace of mind.

Money can be replaced, so can credit cards and passports. But, having to spend time on vacation doing just that is not fun. It’s time-consuming, it’s expensive, and it’s a drag. So rather safe than sorry; zip up your valuables and enjoy your travels!

The Clever Travel Companion Guide to Avoiding Pickpockets

  • Don't carry things in your back pocket.
  • Don't keep your purse hanging on your back.
  • Don’t hang your jacket or bag on the back of a chair.
  • Don’t let strangers 'help' you unasked. Whenever strangers approach you  be aware. Diversion is the best way for a pickpocket to  work their magic. They often work in pairs or groups, so be wary. Just walk away.
  • Don't keep all your valuables in one place. If there is a safe in your hotel room, use it. Always keep one credit card in a safe place so if you do get pick pocketed you will have a backup.
  • Keep your valuables in a safe and in the secret, zipped pockets of your Clever Travel Companion travel clothing. Keep some cash and one credit card in a regular pocket or wallet for everyday purchases. We don’t want you exposing your secret stash every time you pay for a bus ticket or ice cream or the likes.
  • Use your secret pockets when doing sports or going on an adventure. Rather than placing your valuables to the side when bungy jumping or rafting, zip them in and they're safe. When jogging or off to the gym, keep your hotel key zipped in a secret pocket. 
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